“A Choice between Biden and Trump is no choice at all”


April 9, 2020

Press team: press@peoplesparty.org

“A choice between Biden and Trump is no choice at all:”
Progressives #DemExit and join forces for a major new party after Bernie Sanders drops out

Detroit, MI – In the wake of Sen. Bernie Sanders suspending his presidential campaign yesterday, the Movement for a People’s Party and #BernTheDNC are merging and have launched a “Declaration of Independence” from the Democratic Party at DemExit.us. Thousands have signed up to volunteer with both groups in the past few weeks as the Democratic Party has rigged the primary election against Sanders a second time.

The groups are moving forward as the Movement for a People’s Party and are urging supporters of Sanders’ #NotMeUs movement to leave the Democratic Party and build “a party that fights alongside movements for economic, racial, social and environmental justice, instead of fighting against them,” according to the group’s declaration.

“A choice between Biden and Trump is no choice at all,” said Nick Brana, national coordinator with the Movement for a People’s Party (MPP). “The Democrats and Republicans have made it clear that they will always choose profits over people. So we’re going to replace them.”

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are offering leadership when we need it most,” stated Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, a coordinator with #BernTheDNC. “A global pandemic and economic meltdown have lifted the veil, revealing the greed, rot, and corporate beholdenness that has driven another giant transfer of wealth to Wall Street – at a time when the American people are suffering at unprecedented levels.”

The majority of Americans say they want a major new party and that will only grow as the economic crash costs millions more their jobs and savings and leaves them unable to afford their health care, rent, and mortgage.

“The people are leading the way to an independent alternative and we will follow,” said Brana. “We have clarity and consensus on many of the transformative policies we need, like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal. #NotMeUs will continue the fight through the Movement for a People’s Party.”

#NeverBidenNeverTrump has been trending nationally on Twitter for the past day. #DemExit has trended repeatedly over the last several weeks as people have been outraged to see working people left out in the cold by the establishment parties again.

MPP was founded by Bernie 2016 staff, delegates and volunteers in 2017. It works with many movements for social justice and has grown to more than 60,000 members.


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