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See what our national working groups are working on. See one that you want to contribute to? Fill out our volunteer form and join Slack.


Coordinators: Phil Ateto and Todd Jelen

  • We are working on actions around the election results and ballot access
  • We are also working on actions for hubs in the future
  • We continue to work with allies to support their actions and to build solidarity


Coordinator: David Schmelzer

  • We are starting on a complete identity and branding redesign for MPP. This will give us a new logo as well as a new brand identity that will allow us to connect to more people and grow into a major new party.
  • One ongoing project is supporting the Media & Messaging group with social media graphics for all of our social platforms.
  • We are working on new merchandise designs for our store.
  • Our Video & Photography Circle is always busy coming up with great new visuals to promote MPP. They are currently producing a series of videos to convince people to join the movement.
  • We just launched a brand new Creative Writing Circle. This group will work on producing poems, short stories, memoirs, and personal essays in support of MPP.
  • In the near future, we will be adding a Music Circle to our group for musicians and composers to create for us.


Coordinators: Regina Clarke and Rodrigo Brana

  • The People’s Party will not take billionaire money, as such, it depends on the support of numerous small donors. Donor relations, donor platforms, transparency, budgeting and effective financial practices are critical to the success of the movement.
  • We continue to review and update our processes for showing our gratitude to donors.
  • We’re currently in the process of shifting to accounting software to enhance MPP accounting processes. This is being worked on with the Tech Working Group.
  • Looking for ways to expand MPP’s reach and fund-raising opportunities is an ongoing task.
  • Tracking MPP expenditures, fixed costs, and looking for ways to reduce those costs while meeting the needs of the movement’s activities.


Coordinator: Emma Sron

  • Working with the Social Media circle on establishing circles for each social media platform so they can get their volunteers engaged as commenters and moderators.
  • Setting up a Rapid Response channel that will be charged with commenting immediately on any videos, podcasts or articles that talk about MPP or any of its major platform issues that we are prioritizing such as climate emergency, Medicare for all and UBI/pandemic relief.
  • In the process of setting up a Speaker’s Bureau for journalists. Have found an academic to lead an academic speaker’s circle.
  • Will be expanding our Adopt a Journalist plan whereby Media and Messaging members look to form a relationship with at least one journalist in their community.
  • Working with members who want to write op-eds for their local news outlets.
  • Promoting our new TikTok account.


Coordinators: Michelle Ramirez and Elise Mysels

  • The Welcome and Onboarding Circle is holding weekly Welcome and Onboarding calls to provide new volunteers with basic information about MPP and ways to volunteer.
  • The Hubs Circle and Regional Coordinators Circle are working on building local hubs (chapters) across the country and onboarding new volunteers to organize locally.
  • The Volunteer Outreach circle is forming, to reach out to new volunteers and onboard them to national working groups.
  • The Regenerative Culture Circle is working on a variety of ways to create a culture of care within our community, including planning training sessions on preventing and resolving conflict, avoiding burnout, as well as planning fun, community building events.


Coordinators: Nick Brana and Tiffany Anning

  • Working group members are reaching out to potentially allied organizations and movements, locally and nationally, and setting up informational meetings to share our mission, build relationships, and ask how we can help them.
  • Our Electoral Strategy Circle is compiling party formation requirements and developing a ballot access plan. The circle is advising our organizers with state-specific party formation memos.
  • Community groups including Students for a People’s Party, and Teachers for a People’s Party, Latinos for a People’s Party, African Americans for a People’s Party, Labor for a People’s Party, and Scientists for a People’s Party. Our groups are reaching out to members of their community and inviting them to join us.
  • Working on winning over and involving influential allies and movement thought leaders, including forming an advisory council of People’s Convention speakers and others.


Coordinator: Thomas Royko

  • We have three circles: Data Analytics, Coding and Development, and IT.
  • The Data Analytics group is planning to work on several data models that will be helpful in future planning and party growth and is also currently developing a data aggregation platform.
  • The Coding and Development circle is working on a new updates to our app, platform integrations, and chat bots.
  • The IT circle maintains various organization infrastructure and platforms that our volunteers use. IT is actively looking for new ways to leverage software to further MPPs mission.
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