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The Movement for a People’s Party is a movement of more than 100,000 members and thousands of volunteers across the country. Meet our national working group coordinators.

National Coordinators

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Phil Ateto
Action Coordinator

Phil helps coordinate groups around the country to deploy high visibility, artful tactics with the Backbone Campaign as their Solidarity Brigade Coordinator.  He enjoys getting into as much of what John Lewis called “good trouble” as possible and hopes to help MPP folks do the same.  He enjoys getting outdoors around his town of Annapolis, MD.

Todd - 3
Todd Jelen
Action Coordinator
Coming soon!
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David Schmelzer

Creative Arts Coordinator

David began his volunteer activism at the ground level for Bernie’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns. Holding a BFA in photography/film/video with over a decade of experience, he is excited to “be the change” through art. He is also an avid music lover – both at home and on stage.

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Regina Clarke

Finance Coordinator

Regina is a first generation American child of two immigrant parents from the Caribbean. She is a big believer in helping others reach their goals by volunteering in ways that help achieve equality as well as equity.  She focuses on initiatives around youth education as well as minority and women entrepreneurs.

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Rodrigo Brana
Finance Coordinator

Rodrigo Brana believes in the vision of a just, peaceful and sustainable world, which is the only option if life is going to survive and thrive on this planet.  Rodrigo is a naturalized US citizen. He grew up in Argentina and Chile and lived there a few years during the military dictatorship following Chile’s 9/11.  His experience in latin America informs his views on the injustice of modern day colonialism and the destructive effect of capitalism on democracy. Rodrigo is an architect and runs his own small business.  Rodrigo is vegan. 

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Michelle Ramirez
Organizing Coordinator
Coming soon!
elise - 8
Elise Mysels
Organizing Coordinator
The 2015 Sanders campaign reinspired Elise’s interest in politics and human justice. For the past 5-years activism has been her full time job where she immersed herself in upwards to 100’s of organizations pushing for the issues. Elise joined us back in 2017 and she has also done her fair share of grassroots candidate organizing and support. “You name it, I’ve done it”, she claims, which includes maintaining various leadership positions at all levels over the years. “Now, all I can focus on is building this new Party!”, she excitedly states.
Nick - 9
Nick Brana

Founder and Political Outreach Coordinator

Nick was the national political outreach coordinator with Bernie 2016 and electoral manager with Our Revolution. He is a first generation American, his family having come to the U.S. from Chile. He enjoys sci-fi and imagining the world as it could be.

thomas - 10
Thomas Royko
Tech & Data Coordinator

Born and raised in the rust belt, Thomas is a firm believer the power of organized labor, and in the idea that government and society should uplift and empower people. Tired of the never-ending games of the duopoly, Thomas joined MPP to build a new path for the country and our future. He is fluent in over 15 programming languages, familiar with various frameworks, knowledgeable about dev-ops and management, and is an experienced software engineer. Thomas is also pursuing a Master’s degree and his research focuses on theory of computation, esoteric instruction sets, and higher order programming paradigms. Thomas has a disability, is a former member of the National Federation of the Blind, his Father is disabled, and his Uncle is severely disabled.

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