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MPP Organizational Structure

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We’re using a decentralized and horizontal organizational structure known as self-organizing systems (SOS). It’s the organizing methodology that has allowed movements like Extinction Rebellion to achieve massive and rapid growth in just a matter of months (from an idea to hundreds of thousands around the world in a year).



  • A group of people who focus on a particular field of work (full list below)


  • Everything that a working group is responsible for (full list below)


  • As they gain members, working groups can form circles of people who specialize and focus on one particular part of the working group’s mandate
  • For example, media and messaging organizes naturally into a press circle and a social media circle
  • Each working group can have many circles within it
  • Circles can be as small as two people and form their own Slack channels where they can talk without cluttering the main working group channel (this reserves the working group channel for info that pertains to everyone in it and keeps notifications relevant and manageable)


  • Distinct tasks within working groups and circles
  • Each person in a working group or circle will have one or more roles that they are responsible for (roles match people to tasks)
  • For example, within the newsletter circle, there can be roles for drafting the newsletter, editing it, and getting graphics from the arts working group to include in it (a different person could play each role or the same person could play all of them)


  • Two per working group
  • Bottomline the work, onboard new volunteers, help match volunteers to roles within their working groups, schedule and facilitate meetings
  • Represent the views of their working group members on the coordinator’s circle, which meets regularly to make decisions on overall strategy and initiatives
  • Elected by working group members annually and can be reelected as few or as many times as the working group chooses
  • People can only coordinate one working group, but multiple circles if they have capacity


  • Develop and plan direct actions and civil disobedience
  • Receive action ideas from across the movement
  • Coordinate trainings and logistics on direct action
  • Keep apprised of actions other groups doing


  • Banners, flyers, art, light projections
  • Graphic design
  • Memes and social graphics
  • Photography, videography, video and promotional content editing
  • Org branding
  • Music, spoken word, poetry, other forms of creative expression
  • How we show up and present in physical space (costumes, make up, etc.)


  • Develop and implement fundraising strategies
  • Maintain fundraising platforms
  • Develop grassroots recurring donations
  • Budgeting
  • Correspond with and show appreciation to grassroots donors


  • Messaging
  • Merchandise
  • Newsletter and email blasts
  • Press
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit)
  • Run the app and build membership
  • Answer general organization contact email


  • Field organizing
  • Build and support local hubs (e.g. produce a hub starter guide)
  • Develop and host organizing trainings for hubs, including on implementing SOS
  • Recruit, welcome and onboard volunteers to national working groups
  • Plan grassroots organizing events and meetings
  • Answer organizing email and run mass texting


  • Build relationships and partnerships with other organizations
  • Win over and involve influential allies such as movement thought leaders
  • Plan events with allies and endorsers
  • Form advisory council of experts and influencers
  • Ballot access and legal strategies


  • Foster a culture of care and respect
  • Nurture a beautiful, compassionate and resilient movement
  • Moderate Slack and team messaging platforms
  • Check in with those who may need support
  • Identify potential sources of tension and prevent conflict and burnout
  • Uphold the community agreements, including nonviolent communications
  • Conflict resiliency and mediation
  • Create a joyous environment, plan social and fun events


  • Website
  • Action Network (and other constituent relationship management services)
  • Apps
  • Texting service
  • Other tech platforms (help desk, etc.)
  • Maintain strong tech security on all platforms
  • Collect and synthesize data into regular reports to inform overall strategy and organizing best practices (best email send times, best mass meeting days, etc.)