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Regenerative Culture

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The Regenerative Culture Circle is excited to come together to build a just, nourishing, and robust culture in this political movement.

At Regenerative Culture we nurture a culture of cooperation, collaboration, constructive communication and absolute inclusivity that consciously nurtures the capacity of the People’s Party to engage with respect, grace, care and dignity.

We invite you to join us for our every other week coordinating committee meeting on Wednesdays, at 8 pm EST to discuss strategic approaches to foster a regenerative culture organization-wide. If you wish to join a meet, please send us an email to request the meeting link. 

Together we work to create training opportunities (such as those found in the videos below) to support volunteers and organizers in maintaining constructive communication even in difficult disagreements and means of self-care to support a healthy organizational eco-system.

Past trainings have been recorded and are available here:

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