This page contains organization and financial information for donors, volunteers and the public at large and is provided as part of MPP’s policy of transparency. 

Legal Organization
Movement for a People’s Party,, are initiatives of People for a Working Democracy (PFWD) — a non-profit corporation organized in Michigan and operating under Section 527 of the US Internal Revenue Code. 

Organization Name – People for a Working Democracy

  • Reports on contributions and expenditures can be found in IRS public records. Search: People for a Working Democracy  online
    • Other MPP Information Found on the Web 
      • People for a Working Democracy / Movement for a People’s Party /  
      • (MPP’s official website)  
      • Open Secrets (some publicly filed information found)
  • References: State of Michigan – Non-profit corporation

MPP’s Policies

  • MPP Platform – What we stand for
  • Donor Policy
    • MPP is founded on the principle of a fair and equitable country for all Americans and adheres to a donor policy consistent with this principle. 
    • MPP’s goal is to advance an independent party free of billionaire and corporate influence. For this reason, PFWD/MPP will not accept billionaire and lobbyist money, nor contributions from industries which harm the people and the planet with their agenda of extraction and exploitation. 
    • The following is a sampling of industries from which MPP will not accept donations: fossil fuels, gun/war industry, Wall Street, industrial animal farms, big pharmaceutical industry. 
    • For inquiries about unique situations, non-monetary contributions, or donations other than through the MPP website donation page, or check, please contact

The corporations have two parties already, 

MPP is building a party for the people.

MPP Contribution Statistics (rev. 8/9/2020 – updated periodically)

  • Average contribution amount $19.90 
  • 90% of donors donate $50 or less
  • Number of donors/donations vary each month, last full month there were approximately 400 donations.