The People’s Party is announcing Zeynab Day as the Executive Director of the national party

Lexington, KY – July 14, 2021 – The People’s Party is announcing Zeynab Day as the Executive Director of the national party.

Zeynab Day was elected by the People’s Party Coordinators’ Circle and National Chair this week and will be helping manage staff and volunteer leaders as well as advising on and helping with infrastructural and management needs.

Day was the former Communications Director at Brand New Congress. In her time in the progressive movement, she’s worked on more than 100 Congressional campaigns and has advised more than a dozen organizations on structure and implementation. 

Some of the progressive campaigns and candidates Day has advised in the 2018 or 2020 election cycles include Rep. Cori Bush, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Senate Candidate Paula Jean Swearengin, U.S. House candidate Mckayla Wilkes, and others. 

Day began volunteering with the People’s Party last year. “We can’t wait for a broken system to fix itself. That’s what’s brought me to the People’s Party, to join a movement focused on building a major new party that will hold to their promises, fight for immediate change, and keep future People’s Party representatives to the mandates they’ve promised,” Day said. 

As a first generation American, daughter to an Iranian father and Appalachian mother, Day says she’s lived most of her life in poverty, “ I know what it’s like to choose between paying my electric bill, or buying groceries,” Day said. “My community didn’t have dreams of celebrity and wealth, we dreamed about having healthcare, a secure home and a good job that paid our bills every month without us having to worry or work two to three jobs.”

The national People’s Party is focused on supporting its state parties, taking direct action, building a robust team of organizers and volunteers, electing future representatives, and creating systems that will develop a new major party rooted in organizing, expertise and expediency. 

“I’ve seen what happens to good people when they meet the pressures from the corporate parties once they are on Capitol Hill,” Day said. “With issues plaguing this country such as a failing infrastructure, lack of healthcare, racial injustice, privatized prisons, a broken immigration system, a climate emergency, looming student loan debt, mass evictions; we as a people cannot accept incrementalism and representatives that bend to corporate pressure and corrupt parties. That’s why I’m here working with this movement to help build a new major party that will change the dynamics in the country and pass legislation that actually helps all of us.”