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We’re thrilled to share that the People’s Party has ballot access in Florida as a minor political party!

Florida is Peoples Party First State to Achieve Ballot Access

This is HUGE news as we can now support candidates to run to fight the duopoly as People’s Party candidates in the Sunshine State. Florida is a state that moves the country politically with more than 14 Million voters, a quarter of those are already registered as unaffiliated and surveys show that millions more are seeking out a better party. This is a significant and exciting development in the building of a major new party across the country.

The Florida People’s Party will be seeking out candidates to run for a number of seats. Candidates that will be held accountable to the people, not corporations and corporate interests. We are building our support and growing the infrastructure needed to reach as many voters as possible.

Register NOW in Florida!

Are you in Florida? Register to vote with the Florida People’s Party by clicking here.

Watch our EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT about Florida Peoples Party below! Together we’re building a coalition of working people, unions, and progressive groups for a nationally viable People’s Party. Two out of three Americans are now calling for a major new party. The time is NOW for a major new party!

Florida state members are gearing up and working hard to get as many voters registered as possible, organize robust actions and build up support for future candidates:

“I am extremely happy that the Peoples Party has achieved ballot access in Florida. The efforts of what is now the Florida People’s Party, and the National Peoples Party in getting this done have been monumental. Florida is the 3rd most populated state in the Union,” said Said Florida State Chair, Victor Nieto.

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Peoples Party Ballot Access Now in Florida. Register now for the Peoples Party!

Florida Voters have a Choice to Vote Peoples Party

Our voters will now have a choice to vote for a party that represents the interests of the people, and not those of the billionaire rulers of this country. They are now able to be a Peoples Party registered voter… The time for a change is now,” Nieto said.

“I’m excited to be participating in this historic opportunity to bring a new political party to Florida and the United States. A party dedicated to being corporate free, and a challenge to the duopoly. The Florida People’s Party will champion Florida issues on the National Stage. Join us in this brand new endeavor and be part of History,” said Florida Vice Chair, Carolyn Wolfe.

“The Florida Elections Commission has accepted the People’s Party as a minor party in Florida with ballot access. What’s the significance? It means that voters currently disenfranchised by the two-party political system with which they currently do not identify themselves, now have a place to go,” said Elise Mysels, the Florida People’s Party Secretary. 

Florida is the Peoples Party’s first state on the ballot and we are working hard to get on the ballot in EVERY state and territory in the country. Can you contribute $10 today to help organize nationwide? 

This major development in Florida means we can have People’s Party candidates on ballot lines that can work to pass legislation for change. This is the first state of many in a national movement across this country. Join us in your state and let’s win health care, housing, good-paying jobs, college, a Green New Deal and so much more as human rights.

Let’s build the Peoples Party and transform this country! 

Yours for the revolution,

Nick Brana

National Chair

Peoples Party

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