Breaking: Nick Brana arrested with Extinction Rebellion climate activists

MPP National Director Nick Brana was arrested in Washington, D.C. this evening during a protest to block Congress and demand that they join the U.K. and Canada to declare a climate emergency.

Nick and 15 activists with the climate action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) superglued themselves to three underground entrances leading to the Capitol, blocking access to members of Congress who were heading to a regularly scheduled 6 p.m. session.

It’s not known what charges have been leveled or when Nick and the others will be released.

Dozens of XR protestors rallied at Spirit of Justice Park before marching to congressional buildings and the Capitol to demand that our government Tell The Truth about the impacts and urgency of global heating and to pursue policies designed to reach net zero emissions in the U.S. by 2025.

We have less than a dozen years to give our planet a fighting chance. Politicians from both major parties have brought us to the brink of extinction by their reliance on dirty fossil fuel money. Make a contribution to our movement to show them and their donors that the people are ready for a corporate-free party.

MPP at XR action in halls of Congress

The climate emergency is here. It will continue to devastate people all over the world, affecting crop yields and causing droughts and floods leading to the mass displacement of people. Government inaction is robbing people all over the world of the human rights we claim to have at the forefront of our ideals.

In Solidarity,

Carol Ehrle
Political Director
Movement for a People’s Party