Build Back Better Fails America

The Democrats’ Build Back Better Act is a weak piece of legislation that doesn’t even begin to address the sweeping issues facing American families. Every iteration of this bill has failed to address domestic needs like the housing crisis, universal healthcare, living wages and climate change.

The Build Back Better Agenda Falls Tragically Short

build back better

What began as a paltry bill has now been gutted beyond recognition. Spending has been slashed in half, dropping from $3.5 trillion to $1.5-2 trillion, and eliminating what minorly effective policies it had. What remains is a shell of ineffective, corporate and temporary crumbs.

The global economy and this country are still reeling from a pandemic and depression and our representatives just presented one of the weakest social bills in American history, taking us backward. 

No Progressives in Congress

This bill has proven even further that there are no progressives in Congress. The Squad and Bernie Sanders are towing the party line by touting Biden’s horrible bill instead of the policies they rightfully said we needed just a year ago. They have drastically lowered the bar that they ran on and promised to the American people. Real change will never come from the corporate parties.

“Progressives” were supposed to push Biden. Instead, they’ve lined up behind him and sold us on his corporate agenda, just like progressive Democrats have for decades. 

The mainstream media and the Democrats pointing to Senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for obstruction of this toothless bill is just a distraction from who really pulls the shots. 

The finger-pointing from both Democrats and Republicans serves to mask the fact that their typical band-aid legislation stems from the real party that rules Capitol Hill — the corporate party. 

Every single member of Congress toes the corporate line. Gone are the days of demanding Medicare for all, housing as a human right, and a federal jobs guarantee. Forgotten are the fights for working infrastructure, college for all, and a Green New Deal. They’re just like every other politician, promises every campaign season that goes forgotten the moment they have the power to make change.

Millions of American voters are changing their ballots to independent and the majority are sick and tired of the status quo and caricature representation. 

It’s Time for a New Party in America

Right now the People’s Party is gearing up in states across the country to garner ballot access and reach millions of voters. Can you contribute $10 today to help build a party that will not do politics as usual but makes real, lasting and sustainable change? 

Thousands of volunteers are working across the country to build the People’s Party. A major new party that will demand an end to half-measures and weak policies. We deserve better.

Let’s build a People’s Party,

Nick Brana

National Chair, People’s Party