Announcing the People’s Party of California!

I’m thrilled to share that we just registered the People’s Party in the biggest state in the country. Announcing the People’s Party of California!

If you’re in California you can be one of the first to register with the People’s Party. We need to register 80,000 voters in the state to get our ballot line and run candidates. We want to celebrate and register as many people as possible today, so after registering, head to social media and share the news that you officially left either the Democratic or Republican party and joined the #PeoplesParty! 

Click here to navigate to California’s voter registration website, register with the People’s Party, and get us on the ballot. If you’re already registered to vote, you will need to register again to change your party affiliation. Once you navigate to the website, click “Register to Vote Now” and fill out the form. At the bottom of the form you’ll see a place to mark your political party preference. In the drop down menu select “Other Party” and then type in “People’s Party”. Here’s what you’ll see.  

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This is a huge step for our movement, and the first two weeks of Biden’s presidency have emphasized why our work is so important. The Democrats won the Senate by promising that “$2,000 checks will go out the door immediately.” That quickly became $1,400 or less by March, with means testing, if we’re lucky. Biden’s Covid relief plan also walks back his already-inadequate campaign promises to lower the age of Medicare and pass a public option, choosing instead to give billions of dollars in new ACA subsidies to health insurance corporations who are already making record profits. We needed Franklin Roosevelt and we got Reagan.

Because of your work, the People’s Party is becoming a major threat to Wall Street and the corporate parties, and powerful interests will do almost anything to stop us. We were just featured on Soledad O’Brien’s weekly news show, Matter of Fact, which is syndicated on NBC, CBS and ABC and broadcasts to hundreds of cities and towns across America. Our movement is growing and our case is resonating. That’s why we’re seeing Democratic Party loyalists like Ryan Grim and MSNBC correspondents like Sam Seder stepping up their attacks on our movement on social media. 

Taking on the corporate parties takes dedication and resources. Personally, I’ve given the last four years of my life to building a people’s party. I dream of a day where my friends can live free of the shackles of crushing student debt, a day where I don’t have to buy the worst health care plan on the insurance market, a day where the kids I might one day have can grow up on a planet that isn’t threatened by catastrophic warming. I have never accepted a dime for doing this work, but I ask that you give for our cause. We take no corporate money and have an average donation of $19, which means that we are as strong as you make us. Please click here and contribute a monthly donation to keep us growing. Monthly donations are ones we can count on and help us grow the most.

Honored to be on this journey with you.

In heart and struggle, 

Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party