This indigenous peoples’ day we are closing the concentration camps

Chaos and a horrific scene took hold late Wednesday night when ICE plowed a black pickup truck into a crowd of peaceful immigrant justice protesters at the Wyatt Detention Center in Rhode Island.

Screams pieced the night and demonstrators scrambled to get out of the way as an ICE detention center guard drove his vehicle into Jewish activists with Never Again in a vicious escalation of police brutality against the immigrant rights movement. The protesters were singing and had joined hands in the street in an act of civil disobedience against ICE’s barbaric and racist mass incarceration of Latino immigrants.

Instead of immediately arresting the guard for attempted manslaughter, police pepper sprayed activists who rushed to help their struck and injured friends get up and out of the way. When the mayhem was over, five people were taken to the hospital, including two hit by the truck. One person sustained serious injuries, and the driver of the truck, a correctional officer captain, was placed on leave. More than two million people have already seen the video on Twitter.

As the war against immigrants continues in ways not seen in decades, MPP has partnered with the Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps, a nationwide effort to abolish ICE, close the detention camps and end the contracts of Big Tech companies who are profiting by the millions off of human suffering. This Indigenous Peoples’ Day we are activating together and we need your support. Please make a contribution to give us the tools to organize and shut these barbaric camps down.

The coalition formed in late June in response to the deportation centers where legal asylum seekers are being caged without adequate food, showers, legal representation, telephone contact with loved ones or even room to walk or lie down.

Coalition chapters are sprouting up rapidly around the country and have announced a nationwide weekend of action on Indigenous Peoples’ Day/Columbus Day Oct. 12-14. Join with us and CCCC in nonviolent civil disobedience in several major cities including San Diego, El Paso, San Francisco, NYC/Newark and more. Visit the Coalition’s Facebook and event page to join in an action and stay updated.

We are at a crossroads in America. Please stand up and chip in as we fight back against the inhumane treatment of exploited workers and the ICE machine that puts legal asylum seekers in cages or keeps them stranded on the other side of the border.

Already the seven-week CCCC, or C4 as some call it, and other youth-led immigrant justice groups have shaken the detention industrial complex. Thousands have blocked roads and entrances to ICE facilities across the country. Last weekend, 1,000 protesters demanding the government abolish ICE forced the closure of Manhattan’s West Side highway, ending in 100 arrests.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the local CCCC chapter is bringing widespread attention to the tech company, Palantir, founded by far-right billionaire Peter Thiel, whose predictive technology is used to target communities of color. Its Falcon app was used in the ICE raids last week in Mississippi, where 680 mostly-Latino workers were arrested on the first day of school, leaving many children without a parent and bearing a lifetime of trauma.

The Latinx advocacy organization, Mijente, released a comprehensive report last week about how Palantir has created a reign of terror that targets the most marginalized with impunity. Join with MPP and CCCC at upcoming actions at Palantir over the next several weeks as we force the company to cancel its $52 million Investigative Case Management contract with ICE — begun under the Obama administration in 2014 and up for renewal in late September.

Organizers have also targeted the Seattle headquarters of Amazon for providing cloud computing resources to Palantir and for selling its facial recognition software, Rekognition, to law enforcement. Whole Foods employees on Monday released a letter demanding its parent company cut ties with Palantir and says it will continue to leak sensitive information about Amazon, which bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017.

Fight for the Future, an internet rights group, is spearheading a campaign backed by Ron Placone to ban facial recognition at the website Reports show that 98 percent of the time, facial recognition programs identify the wrong person and that facial analysis software is more likely to misidentify people of color, and especially women of color.

Ron reports that if left unchecked, police forces, the federal government, and private corporations will use consumer products and miniaturized surveillance cameras to amass facial biometrics and track the movements and habits every American in a staggering, Orwellian violation of our 4th Amendment right to privacy. You can join Ron, Graham Elwood and fellow MPP supporters in their tour through the midwest this September to learn more.

The fight for immigrant justice is a struggle against oppressive Big Tech. Help us build a people’s party that will stop Silicon Valley billionaires from weaponizing technology against our movements and families.

Immigration is a crisis of mammoth proportions that is threatening the moral fabric of our country. We see undeniable parallels to fascism in ICE’s crackdowns, initiated under Obama. Mass roundups and dehumanization are how genocides begin. Aside from some photo ops and media soundbites, politicians from both corporate parties are allowing this travesty to continue.

Please support our work as we build a party that stands with the families who come to this country seeking compassion, asylum and a better life.

In Solidarity,

Carol Ehrle
Political Director
Movement for a People’s Party

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