Dear DNC: This is our Declaration of Independence from your Corporate Party

We, the people, stand together to declare our independence from corporate politics and a two-party system funded by the very businesses and billionaires that exploit us — the working class, the poor, and our planet. We understand that both the Democrats and Republicans (private corporations themselves) are incapable of reform, and have made it abundantly clear that they will ALWAYS choose profits over people.

Now we find ourselves in a moment where it’s far too late to talk reform. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has rigged two presidential primary elections against Bernie Sanders and millions of voters. A global pandemic and unprecedented economic meltdown have lifted the veil, revealing the greed, rot, and corporate beholdenness that has driven another giant transfer of wealth to Wall Street — just like the Great Recession — while the many suffering are thrown a few scraps to keep us from revolting.

We believe that it’s time for a party that fights alongside our movements for economic, racial, social and environmental justice instead of fighting against them. We are ready to build a dynamic movement-party — a party that centers direct action and mutual aid with electoral politics — a party that understands that civil disobedience is critical in this moment if we are to wrest our power from these craven, insatiable elites. A people-powered party that doesn’t take a dime from corporations and billionaires.

Our movements for justice are stronger and more independent today than they have been in a generation. The majority of Americans already say they want a major new party and it will only grow as the economic crash costs millions their jobs, savings, and homes. The people are leading the way to an independent alternative and we will follow.

We have clarity and consensus on many of the transformative policies we want, like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All. We specifically call on left movement and thought leaders to #DemExit and help us build something new, vibrant and powerful enough to be a true opposition party.