Democrats Attack the People’s Party

We’re getting ready to open up nominations for candidates and the Democrats are getting scared. They’re scrambling to pass voter suppression laws targeting new parties in a handful of states and nationally. Just today Nevada hosted a public hearing where Democrats proposed a bill to double the signature collection requirements for ballot access in the state.

The bill is being proposed by none other than State Senator Roberta Lange, the infamous former Nevada Democratic Party Chair who presided over the rigged caucus against Bernie Sanders in 2016, where the establishment falsely accused Bernie delegates of throwing chairs to distract from the Democrats invalidating Sanders delegates to pad Clinton’s count. There were several dozen public comments on the bill at the hearing and on the state senate’s website and every single one of them was against the bill.

Instead of meeting people’s basic needs for food, and health care, and housing, Democrats are choosing to attack our right to vote for anyone besides them. This is the same Democratic Party that claims to be so righteously disturbed by Republican voter suppression efforts. This is the same Democratic Party that claims to care about the enfranchisement of people of color. This is the same Democratic Party that is slipping voter suppression laws into its national “For the People” act.

This kind of corruption and hypocrisy is exactly why two out of every three Americans now want a major new party. The Democrats think they can intimidate us but they will only increase our determination. Make a recurring contribution today and show the corporate parties that attacking the People’s Party will only strengthen our resolve.

Join us at 8:30 pm ET tonight for a jam-packed People’s Party National Call. We will talk about the Democratic and Republican voter suppression campaigns. Then we’ll hear from our Candidates Director Zeynab Day about opening up candidate nominations from the community on April 10. We’ll also be joined by our Oregon State Coordinator Christian Avana who will have an exciting announcement about our organizing in Oregon.

We’ll close out with updates from our Action Working Group and two actions they’re following. The first is today’s Indigenous Youth Pipeline protest in Washington, D.C.

The second is the ongoing unionization vote count by Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama. Warehouse workers there finished casting their votes on Monday. The counting began Tuesday and could take days more depending on how many votes were received and how much time it takes each side to review. The National Labor Relations Board is overseeing the process and a majority of the votes will decide the outcome. Our New Jersey state hub recently organized the solidarity actions in New Jersey and State Coordinator Cate Manochio will join us to talk about them.

You can catch the recorded call on our YouTube channel here. Please support our work with a contribution and help bring the people’s party to every state in the country.