DHS declares FREE SPEECH “Terrorism”

In a statement this week the Department of Homeland Security dangerously expanded the definition of terrorism in an act of outrageous overreach that will quell dissenting voices. This new provision not only targets organizations, but individuals, independent media, and ANY online activity.

Regular Americans to be Labeled as “Terrorists” or “Domestic Threats”

According to the DHS website: “Foreign and domestic threat actors use MDM (mis-dis-and mal-information) campaigns to cause chaos, confusion, and division. These malign actors are seeking to interfere and undermine our democratic institutions and national cohesiveness.”

The use of the words “division,” “undermining our democratic institutions” and “national cohesiveness” opens the door to rampant targeting of anyone deemed a threat to the political establishment and the status quo.


UPDATE: As of 2-12-2022 the DHS website updated the language to omit “national cohesiveness” from the statement

free speech

What the DHS is labeling as MDM is alarming and includes, “threat actors [that] seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest…”

Setting public trust in government and cohesiveness as the litmus for “terrorism” intentionally targets any person, organization, or movement that seeks to blow the whistle on tyranny, abuses, corruption, and misinformation sowed by our very own government.

Questioning our country’s leadership is a sacred Constitutional principle enshrined within our 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. These provisions are a direct assault on any American who wishes to organize and protest to expose abuse and overreach.  

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Fascism Rears its Ugly Head with McCarthyism 2.0

The DHS’s fascistic language about “national cohesiveness” is deeply alarming. Broad sweeping allegations lead to McCarthyite tyranny against American citizens, organizations, and independent media.

The Biden Administration’s strong-arm attempt is a bludgeon to silence ANY and ALL public discourse that speaks out against institutions like the DHS, FBI, CIA, ICE, and others.

Every American is at Risk

U.S. agencies continue to partner with media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google, to silence and control dissent and discussion, quelling movements that are working to hold the corporate oligarchy accountable.  

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Both corporate parties have vastly expanded overreach with the Patriot Act, the formation of the Department of Homeland Security, and now policies that directly target individuals who speak out against tyranny.

Now is the time to build a party for the people!  

Zeynab Day
Executive Director

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People’s Party