DNC Kills Caucuses, Keeps Superdelegates, Retains Joint Fundraising Agreements, and Tightens Grip on 2020 Primary

Carol Ehrle | carol@peoplesparty.org
MPP Media | media@peoplesparty.org

Los Angeles — The DNC took several steps to expand and consolidate its power over the 2020 presidential primary at its summer meeting in Chicago this weekend. The party reduced caucuses, which heavily favored Bernie in 2016, and replaced them with primaries. It rebuked progressive demands to eliminate superdelegates, moving them to the second round of voting at the nominating convention instead. It preserved the use of joint fundraising agreements, which Hillary used to launder money to her campaign and take over the DNC. It approved a rule allowing the DNC to block candidates who have not been “faithful” Democrats from running. It kept nearly a hundred lobbyists on the DNC. And it did nothing to extricate corporate and billionaire money from the party, preserving rampant corruption.

The Democratic Party is a committee of corporations. Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, News Corp., Pfizer, CitGo, Verizon, Aetna, and many other corporations sit alongside high-priced consultants on the national committee. After big donors and corrupt party officials rigged the 2016 presidential primary, the DNC gave its voters no say in the “reform” process and put the culprits in charge instead.

That explains why the Democratic Party is now moving to eliminate the caucuses, which supplied more than half of Bernie’s 2016 state wins. The party approved six states switching from caucuses to primaries in Chicago.

The party also kept superdelegates, ensuring that the media and search engines like Google will continue to add them to a candidate’s running delegate count during the primaries. This creates the perception that the establishment candidate is leading and reduces turnout for progressive candidates. Because the party establishment controls the Rules and Bylaws Committee, the party reserves the power to force a second ballot at the convention too, allowing the superdelegates to vote on the presidential nominee and defeating the purpose of the rules change.

Superdelegates also kept their power to vote for the vice-presidential nominee, the platform, party rules, and everything else on the first ballot. Each superdelegate wields the power of 10,000 voters.

Moreover, the DNC kept joint fundraising agreements that allow the party to turn over control of its strategy, hiring, communications, and spending to an establishment candidate again.

The party meeting comes just as the DNC repealed a ban on accepting donations from fossil fuel corporations. The ban had only been in effect for two months before it was dismantled, demonstrating how impermanent advances in the party are. The party intended to secretly repeal the rule before being caught by a journalist, revealing how unaccountable the party is.

The Democratic Party also continues to cheat progressives in the midterm primaries. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remains the only progressive Democrat to have unseated a congressional incumbent.


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