Emergency Action on Police Brutality and Pandemic Response

The results are in and MPP members overwhelmingly voted to take emergency action on racist police brutality and the pandemic.

In 1966 Martin Luther King Jr. and 5,000 supporters marched to Chicago City Hall and affixed their demands to end housing discrimination to its doors.

On June 27, in the midst of this pandemic, depression, and rebellion, we will hold car rallies and in person rallies to deliver our emergency demands straight to the homes and doors of every U.S. Representative, Senator, and the President.

We are demanding:

  1. Get the military off our streets and rein in the police
  2. Medicare for all
  3. Cover payroll
  4. Monthly $2,000 cash payments
  5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments
  6. Suspend all student and credit card loan payments

With historic unemployment and poverty gripping the country, and militarized police forces brutalizing Americans after Minneapolis PD murdered George Floyd, our survival depends on this. Learn how to organize or attend an action at your member of Congress’ house.


Please join our National Call on Thursday, June 11 so we can get started.

The national leadership of both the Republicans and the Democrats have utterly failed the American people. The state and local leadership of these same parties has failed our communities, especially black and brown people. The people have clearly had it, and it is time to act nonviolently on behalf of all of us.

The events of the past week have been horrific and devastating, and there’s certainly more to come — but they have also shown a bright truth: when leaders fail, the people step up. 

Enough is enough; let’s make it clear.

In solidarity,

Movement for a People’s Party 
The National Coordinator’s Circle

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