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MPP People’s Convention

July 13 @ 12:00 pm - July 16 @ 7:00 pm

Join the Movement for a People’s Party at The People’s Convention, Milwaukee, WI

*Location is temporary until details are finalized*

The Movement for a People’s Party is going to Milwaukee! Join us at the People’s Convention from July 13-16.
While the Democrats break their own rules and trash the idea of democracy to nominate an establishment candidate at the DNC Convention, we’ll bring people from all walks of life together next door to launch America’s next major party, the Peopleā€™s Party!

Join progressives and independent thinkers from across the country for events, workshops, breakout groups, speakers, social activities, celebrations, performances, and a momentous convention vote on forming a genuinely progressive party free of corporate money.

Our “duopoly” is really a plutocracy masquerading as democracy. Team A and Team B are really 2 sides of Team Oligarch whose bosses are the billionaires, Wall Street traders, and arms dealers. As far as policy goes, it’s a #OnePartySystem working for the donor class, not for us.

We need a mass second party that serves US, the hard-working, regular people of America.

If you’ve had it with corruption, rigging, and billionaires buying elections, if you think you deserve single payer Medicare for All and free state college, if you want an end to endless wars launched on lies, if you think communities should be invested in, not extracted from, if you think the planet needs immediate care, then join in to help build this movement and launch this party.

You know by now the establishment elites have sworn never to give any of that to you. It does not serve their interests to have you healthy, smart, free from oil, and debt free. The Democratic Party leadership is so dedicated to their donors they make a joke of democracy. They’re rigging this primary again. We need a new party built around our real needs that’s not tied to the current system.

We’ve been building this movement since 2017. Now’s the time to scale up. MPP invites you to join us in Milwaukee as we build the future that works for the people and the planet.

Attend in person for the full and historic experience, or tune in over livestream and participate online. We’ll help you organize watch parties and hub meetings to take part in real time. The Peopleā€™s Convention will organize hundreds of people into regional and state working groups such as organizing, media, and fundraising. The working groups, conviction, friendships, and organizational structure that emerge from the Peopleā€™s Convention will be the engine that powers the fresh new Peopleā€™s Party to victory from the ashes of this election. See you in Milwaukee!

Find out more about MPP and our platform on our website here. We’ll need your help to get this done! Working groups are forming now to organize the People’s Convention and you can join and volunteer for them here. If you can, please support by making a donation toward venue expenses and other costs.

More details to come. RSVP to stay in the loop.


July 13 @ 12:00 pm
July 16 @ 7:00 pm
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The Calling
941 E Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202 United States