Evict Congress – not regular citizens!

Almost one out of every ten Americans could be forced out of their homes over the next two months.

Tens of millions of people can no longer afford their rent or mortgage and a ban on evictions and foreclosures is the only thing keeping them in their homes. Today Congress let those protections expire, meaning that almost one out of every ten Americans could be forced out of their homes over the next two months.

That’s why we’re going to the homes of dozens of members of Congress across the country to deliver eviction notices to their doors on the same day that they’re forcing millions to confront it. We’re also holding honking car caravans through cities to draw attention to the crisis and provide another socially distanced way to participate. Here are the ways that you can join the day of action in person or support from home.

  1. Join your local action. Check the map to sign up and attend. Take and share as many photos and videos as you can to social media with #EvictCongress and #PeoplesStimulus.
  2. Get #EvictCongress trending on Twitter. Tweet with the hashtag throughout the day. Search Twitter for the hashtag and retweet others who are using it. Share photos and videos of those who are protesting and their eviction notices on the doors of members of Congress’ homes. If we get it trending millions will see it.
  3. Sign and share our petition to McConnell and Schumer for a People’s Stimulus. We will deliver eviction notices to them, Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy along with the petition on Monday. We will also visit members of The Squad and ask them to refuse to support any bill that doesn’t include our demands. Join us for the DC delivery this Monday.
  4. Use our Soapboxx platform to film a short video to Congress telling them that we need the People’s Stimulus. Make it personal about you and your loved ones.

You can also share my interview on the action with Jimmy Dore yesterday. We talk about how expanded unemployment benefits are also expiring today and how one in five workers in America are now dependent on them to afford food and basic needs. We also talk about how progressive members of Congress have drawn no red lines on the final stimulus bill, and how working people need to demand that they use their leverage to deny Wall Street what it wants until this final stimulus package includes the people’s demands.

Volunteer and join Slack to meet, chat, and organize with other people’s party supporters in your state. Tomorrow we’ll hold an action debrief and celebration that you can join from Slack.

Have a great action!
Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party

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