Meet our new Executive Director

In my time at the People’s Party, I’ve already met so many driven supporters, volunteers, leaders and staff who are focused on forming a major new party and are diligently working toward the goals of passing legislation and policies that address the corruption in this country. I’ve been inspired by their authenticity and urgency to alleviate the pain points that are causing millions to suffer and struggle every day. 

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about taking on the role of Executive Director of the national People’s Party to carry out the work tasked to me by our members, Coordinators Circle and National Chair, and future elected National Committee, and to help our teams and party grow.  

I’m no stranger to struggle as a single mother who lives in southern Appalachia. I’m a first generation American, daughter to an Iranian father and Appalachian mother. I lived most of my life in poverty. I know what it’s like to choose between paying my electric bill, or buying groceries. My community didn’t have dreams of celebrity and wealth, we dreamed about having healthcare, a secure home and a good job that paid our bills every month without us having to worry or work two to three jobs. 

That’s why I’ve worked as an organizer in the progressive movement for more than a decade. In my time in the movement, I’ve advised more than 100 Congressional people-funded campaigns in hopes of electing people who will quickly pass legislation to help all of us. I worked closely with members of the Squad to elect them to Congress.

The barriers put up by the two-party douply to suppress non-corporate progressive races and organizations is staggering. I’ve witnessed blocks to ballot access, voter suppression tactics, backroom pressures and “progressive” organizations who are more focused on their fundraising than on helping change policy and elect better representations. 

I’ve seen what happens to good people when they meet the pressures from the corporate parties once they are on Capitol Hill. With issues plaguing this country such as a failing infrastructure, lack of healthcare, racial injustice, privatized prisons, a broken immigration system, a climate emergency, crippling student loan debt, mass evictions — we as a people cannot accept incrementalism and representatives that bend to corporate pressure and corrupt parties.

We can’t wait for a broken system to fix itself. And, that’s what’s brought me to the People’s Party to join a movement focused on building a major new party that will hold to their promises, fight for immediate change, and keep future People’s Party representatives to the mandates they’ve promised.  Can you pitch in $10 today to help us build a party of, by and for the people?

A little about my background: 

After 15 years in the food service industry I started university as a non-traditional student where I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with degrees in Journalism and Public Relations. During my education I worked as an investigative journalist at multiple newspapers, and focused my Public Relations degree on ethics, organizational and campaign structure, communications, policy, and crisis management. 

In my time as an organizer and advocate, I’ve advised more than a dozen progressive organizations on structure and administrative goals to help them launch and run, most often as a volunteer. I also carry with me lessons I learned in my volunteer work as a Domestic Survivor Advocate and with the Fairness Coalition as an organizer calling for fairness ordinances that protect the LGBTQ+ community.  

As the former Communications Director at Brand New Congress, I worked in candidate and policy promotions, campaign advising, crisis management, policy development, volunteer onboarding, political outreach, candidate support, and helped to build out structures within the organization and across dozens of campaigns. There, I also helped organize initiatives for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, the abolition of ICE and a 21st Century Bill of Rights.  

Inspired by my experiences, I started volunteering with the People’s Party last year to help build a party for the people any way I could. I’m bringing my full heart to the table as Executive Director. I believe in our mission to build a People’s Party, and that’s why I’m here. 

Together we can do this!

Zeynab Day
Executive Director
People’s Party