Hope and Status Quo

Obama ran on “Hope & Change”.
His platform covered quite a range.

Transparency was #1
Of all the things that would be done.

Bring troops home from Afghanistan
Was also in the master plan.

Guantanamo would have to close.
Its presence shamed us, goodness knows.

But wait! The best is yet to come –
“Obamacare for everyone!”

To pass the thing across the aisle,
He’d simply flash that famous smile.

He had support. He had a plan,
And sold us all with “Yes, We Can!”

He wooed Republicans a lot,
And Romneycare is what we got.

Guantanamo is open still –
Another promise that meant nil.

Unruffled by financial crisis,
Barack Obama cool as ice is.

While people’s lives were in a wreck,
Each banker got a big, fat check.

The Oil & Gas guys won the day
Obama gave our land away.

Without a sigh, without a shiver,
He sold the people down the river.

Through poisoned water, ruined soil
The industry extracts more oil.

The people’s welfare never counts
When profits come in large amounts.

What’s next? To make a better nation –
A huge increase in deportation.

To keep things quiet, drop some bombs
On dads and kids and pets and moms.

And while we’re at it, buy more drones.
The banks will gladly grant the loans.

And for the rich, the TPP
Will bring a lavish spending spree.


This guy who ran on Change & Hope –
He got my vote — I was a dope!

I’ve learned since then. Now, I’m a smarty
Who works to build a People’s Party.

By the People’s Party Poet