Have you noticed how impeachment never has anything to do with what’s in the best interests of working people? Nixon faced impeachment for spying on DNC elites, Clinton for lying about an affair, and Trump for getting dirt on a presidential rival.

When’s the last time a president was impeached for denying health care to millions instead of implementing single payer? For accelerating climate breakdown instead of transitioning to renewables? For crushing generations under student debt instead of making higher education free? For forcing people to go hungry and homeless in a nation with abundant food and homes? In other words, when is the last time a president was impeached for crimes against the people?

Chip in to our movement so that we can finally #ImpeachBothParties and declare our independence from corporate politics.

We live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. We have the resources and the technology to easily provide for every American’s basic needs. Rich politicians in Washington decide whether those resources inflate their personal bank accounts, or your mother gets to survive cancer. They decide whether those resources inflate corporate profits, or your kids get to eat tonight.

When a bank or corporation defrauds its customers it can lose its business license. When a doctor violates her Hippocratic oath she can lose her medical license. When a lawyer acts unethically he can be disbarred. When a bus driver endangers her passengers her license can be revoked. Across professions in our society we have rules to prevent people from repeatedly harming others. Yet corrupt political parties have been allowed to willfully harm countless millions for decades with no repercussions.

The preamble to The People’s Platform states the purpose of our government must be to maximize the people’s wellbeing. Politicians should be impeached for committing crimes against working people. That’s why we need to #ImpeachBothParties and replace them with a people’s party.

Watch Jimmy Dore for a stunning exposé of how Obama and the Democrats pressured Ukraine for damaging information on Trump’s campaign in 2016, the same thing that Trump just did to Biden, and the basis of the current impeachment inquiry. Jimmy also covers the innumerable ways that top Democrats profited from the coup they led in Ukraine and their own corrupt and lucrative ties to Russian and Ukrainian firms.

This will be the third national election that Democrats rig against working people. It will also be the last.

Love and rage,

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
Movement for a People’s Party

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