Join us at Left Forum and the Poor People’s Campaign Congress

This month we’re going to Left Forum and the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Action Congress and we want to see you there!

Left Forum is the biggest annual gathering of progressives in the country. Join Nick, the MPP steering committee, members of our national organizing team, and supporters from across the country at our workshop on Saturday, June 29, 10 a.m. – noon at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY.

In February, the New York Times wrote that, “Long established political parties across the democratic world are blowing up. Could America’s parties be next?” From Mexico to France, Italy to Chile, and Spain to the United Kingdom, a political revolution is sweeping the world. The breakthrough is coming in a series of fresh, new, people-powered parties.

They sweep in to government by challenging the corruption of the establishment parties and offering a stirring new vision and social contract. These parties begin as movements, launched by activists who’ve learned through personal experience that the corporate-funded parties cannot be salvaged and belong in the past. They use social media and digital organizing to circumvent the corporate press and reach millions.

How to bring the political revolution to the US

Come join us in an open and participatory strategy session on how we can bring the revolution to America with a people’s party. We will pinpoint where we are and map out in concrete steps how we achieve our goal in the U.S. Donuts, bagels and coffee for all!

The day before the conference, at 8 pm on Thursday June 27, we will gather in NYC for a Democratic debate watch party and MPP commentary Twitter storm. Send an email to if you’d like to join us at the workshop, debate party or both.

You can find a listing of Left Forum speakers and panels here. We will also livestream our workshop to our Facebook page that weekend for those who cannot attend in person.

A year after the Poor People’s Campaign 40 Days of Moral Action, Nick and other MPP leaders will join with Rev. William Barber and our PPC National Partners at their Moral Action Congress on June 17 – 19 at Trinity Washington University in D.C.

We’ll join some 600 poor people, faith leaders, activists and advocates from 40 states in launching the Poor People’s Campaign Moral and Constitutional Budget, assigning hard numbers to the economic and social benefits of implementing the Campaign’s demands.

The Congress will include workshops on intersectional issues affecting the poor and the creation of a national freedom school that will train volunteers in fusion politics and moral movement building. It will also include a presidential candidate’s forum and a hearing on Capitol Hill. Here’s the full schedule.

Climate declared off-limits in Democratic debates

Three years ago, the Democratic Party refused to include a single question about poverty or systemic racism in the presidential debates. And just yesterday the DNC announced that it will not hold a debate on the climate crisis, which scientists are now calling an “existential threat” to human civilization. Furthermore, the Party will ban candidates who participate in an unofficial climate debate separate from the official televised debates.

The Movement for a People’s Party and the Poor People’s Campaign will ensure that the establishment parties do not get away with ignoring the issues facing the 140 million poor and low-income people in the richest country in the world. Because a Poor People’s Campaign needs a people’s party!

We hope to see you at one of the events or the livestreams on our Facebook page.

In solidarity,

Carol Ehrle
Political Director
Movement for a People’s Party