Are you ready to make your video? Here is all you have to do:

Choose one item from the list of six demands (see list below), the one that most closely touches your life. 

Prepare a little script for yourself (see sample script) and give it a little practice run. Plan to be speaking up to 30-90 seconds.

After you finish recording you will have the option for a do-over, or several do-overs.

Finally you get to fill in some info about how to contact you; we will let you know when your video is ready to share. It will be very easy to share on all your favorite platforms. The little sharing messages are prepared for you, but you are free to edit them.

PLEASE NOTE: The completed video will have a small overlay of the MPP logo, plus your name, the way you gave it when you filled out your form after recording. If you prefer that only your first name should be used, type only your first name or a nickname when you fill out the form. 

So, let’s get started making your selfie video. Be sure to introduce yourself, and give the name of the Congressperson you are addressing, and tell your story about why you are making this demand.

Pick which of these 6 things is most important for Congress to do?

1. Defund police and divert funds back to schools and social services

2. Medicare for all

3. Monthly $2,000 cash payments for all

4. Cover payroll to protect small business jobs

5. Suspend rent and mortgage payments

6. Suspend student and credit card loan payments

At the end of your story, please once again identify the member of Congress, and repeat your demand. (See sample script below).

To make your selfie extra effective, doing these 3 things is important:
1. Follow the exact format of the script
2. Name your Congressperson and the city or state they represent
3. Pretend you are speaking directly to your Congressperson. 

Sample Selfie Script:

I’m Sarah from Little Rock, Arkansas, and I am here to tell Congressman Bob Smith that we, the people, demand immediate suspension of rent and mortgage payments.

I have been a waitperson at Sam’s Steakhouse, and I have worked hard and always paid my rent on time. But due to the pandemic the restaurant has been closed for three months.

I am unable to earn a living, and unable to pay my rent. I will be evicted in July unless I receive immediate help.

Congressman Bob Smith of Little Rock, Arkansas, YOU represent ME, and I demand to have my rent payments suspended!