It’s More Than Manchin

Rep. Manchin stands as a shining example of how far too many of our representatives put the needs of corporations over people. Senator Manchin has actively blocked legislation for infrastructure, ending the filibuster, tackling student loan debt, immigration reform and voting rights.

This isn’t the first time Manchin’s stood in the way of progress, yet, the Democratic Party backed Joe Manchin in 2018 and lobbied against his primary challenger to protect his seat. Why? In 2018 Manchin was facing a primary challenger who refused corporate donations and bucked the party establishment.

The issues with Sen. Joe Manchin point to a much larger problem, a broken two-party system that limits choices for voters and breeds corruption and gridlock.

Instead of pressuring Manchin, Joe Biden and Senate Democrats let him get away with it because they serve the same corporations. Manchin gives them someone to blame for the party’s own corruption and shortcomings. It’s all theater.

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The People’s Party will hold our representatives accountable to their constituents and the party platform by running and supporting future representatives who refuse corporate donations, reject lobbyist favors, and stand for human rights and an economy that works for all of us.

Imagine what an impact even one firebrand People’s Party representative can have in the House or Senate. Contribute $10 today to help us build out our infrastructure to support future candidates who will be running at every level of government.

We don’t want more Representatives like Joe Manchin. We deserve leadership that’s beholden to the people, not corporations and personal interests. Hundreds of volunteer leaders are working in dozens of states across the country to build our state party infrastructures. With the barriers put up by the establishment, building a major new political party is no easy feat, but we are on our way!

Featured image credit: Third Way Think Tank