Movement for a People’s Party Demands Help for the People

Republicans have declared that the fourth round of coronavirus stimulus in late July will be the last and Democrats are going along with it. That means that if we are going to get the emergency people’s bailout that they promised, it’s now or never. The stakes on our pandemic action just skyrocketed.

In the past four months, we have lived through a rigged presidential primary, a global pandemic, an economic depression, and nationwide revolt. This unprecedented moment in American history demands an action that rises to the scale of the crises we face. That’s why we are moving our action to July 11, giving us as much time to organize as possible before the House and Senate reconvene in person on July 20 to write the new stimulus bill.
On July 11, working people across this country will march straight to the homes and doorsteps of their members of Congress and deliver our emergency pandemic demands directly to them. We will demand that they come outside, face the people they claim to represent, and commit to the people’s stimulus. Sign up to join or help organize an action at your member of Congress’ house here. You’ll get our Action Organizing Kit and instructions on how to list your event on our organizing map so others can join.

We demand Medicare for all, a universal basic income of $2,000 per month, covering payroll to keep people employed and protect small businesses, canceling rent and mortgage payments, and suspending credit card and student loan payments.

Take Action on July 11

There has been another major development, this one coming from the streets, where many thousands have taken to protesting police brutality and systemic racism in hundreds of cities and towns across America after George Floyd was murdered. Since we passed our pandemic action demands, the protests for racial justice have come together around the demand to defund police budgets and reallocate funds to social services.

Like our military budget on the national level, police budgets have skyrocketed while schools and social services have been defunded in cities across America. Police budgets often dwarf funds devoted to education, public health, affordable housing, parks and public spaces, and more. We’re policing where we should be improving people’s quality of life and pulling people out of poverty. So we wanted to see if you think we should update our demand. Please cast your vote over the People’s Party App between now and Saturday at 11:59 pm ET. You can download our app for free on iPhone and Android

At our National Call on June 18 we discussed the July 11 action. Jimmy Dore is going to have us on to talk about it and an exciting new partner has joined us to collaborate on the action, a group that we’ll announce in the next few days. We also discussed the process for creating and hosting an event, including how to get it on our organizing map and how you can join our network of organizers planning actions across the country.

Our July 11 action will involve getting to your member of Congress’ house with honking car processions or marches and then holding rallies and delivering our demands directly to your representative.

We also planned to celebrate and commemorate Juneteenth, and discussed the related Black Lives Matter actions.

Our National Calls are at the same time every week and the link to join is also the same each week. Once you sign up for one call you will have the link for all of them. You can also sign up for them on the events section of our website. And we stream them to our YouTube page with live transcription for anyone who wants or needs it.

The Democrats and Republicans think they can just get away with the largest upward transfer of wealth in our nation’s history. Wall Street has now been bailed out THREE TIMES with trillions of dollars while our meager stimulus checks were vacuumed up by debt collectors and our small business loans went to big chains. Even the crumbs they threw us went to big business. Now breadlines dominate the American landscape and nearly a third of Americans couldn’t pay their rent or mortgage this month.

We’re even learning that while Congress bailed out mega-corporations, they made sure to rake in some of that money for themselves. Members of Congress, most of whom are millionaires, reaped the benefits of their own Paycheck Protection Program. And the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation found that 82 percent of the tax benefits in the Cares Act will go to Americans making more than $1 million a year while only 3 percent will go to those making less $100,000 a year.

Things are about to get worse still for millions, as expanded unemployment benefits near their expiration on July 31. Experts say we could see an “avalanche of evictions” sweep the country as moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures lapse. Nearly forty percent of small businesses are expected to go bankrupt as Amazon, Walmart and Target consume them. A study from the University of Chicago predicts that 42 percent of jobs will never return.

The corporate parties will get a serious wake-up call and flash of the future when the people’s party shows up at their door across the country and demands a people’s stimulus.

With heart,

Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party

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