MPP debates the DNC! Join the watch party

The Democratic presidential debates start tonight and the big night with Bernie and Biden is Thursday from 9-11 p.m. ET. Since that’s smack in the middle of our June National Call, we’ve decided to do something fun and debate the candidates over livestream watch party instead! Join us on Facebook for #MPPdebatesDNC.

Here’s how it works. Make your way to our Facebook page from 9-11 p.m. ET tonight and Thursday. Jump in to the livestream watch party at the top of our Facebook page (Wed event, Thurs event) where we’ll be watching the candidates and rapid fire chatting and reacting in real time. These are a blast.

The Democratic Party refused to hold a single debate on poverty, systemic racism, or the climate crisis in 2016. This year climate scientists have issued existential warnings and more than 90,000 people have signed a petition demanding a climate debate. All of which the DNC disregarded when it recently announced that it has no intention of hosting a climate debate in 2020 either. If the corporate parties cannot bring themselves to change when our survival as a species is at stake, nothing will change them.

Right after Thursday’s debate, we will broadcast our live MPP After Party from New York City on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I and fellow people’s party supporters will trade best and worst debate moments, who broke out and who crashed and burned. We’ll read out your responses over the livestream too. Join the chat and use #MPPdebatesDNC tonight and tomorrow.

If you’re in the NYC area, come join me at our watch party at the Cherry Tree bar in Brooklyn! We’re meeting there at 8 p.m. on Thursday for dinner and watching the debate at 9. The bar is at 65 4th Ave.

Then on Saturday at 10 a.m. we’re hosting The Rising Movement for a People’s Party workshop at Left Forum, the biggest annual gathering of progressives in the country. The steering committee, members of our national organizing team, and supporters from across the country will join me to discuss how we can build the people’s party that will put us among the many countries around the world that are replacing their establishment parties. Buttons, stickers, coffee, donuts and bagels for all!

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Left Forum Panel Description

With inequality surpassing Gilded Age levels, health care and student debt skyrocketing, climate change roiling the planet, and 80 percent of Americans surviving paycheck-to-paycheck, the majority of Americans are now calling for a major new political party, including an even greater number of young and working people.In 2015, a Princeton and Northwestern University study found that under the Democratic and Republican parties, public preferences have a “near-zero, statistically non-significant” impact on policy. As a result, the U.S. is no longer considered a democracy. Working people are responding by leaving the establishment parties by the millions. Gallup polls show that a record number of Americans have become independents, almost half the country. A majority of Americans now want a major new party, including an even greater number of young and working people — 57 percent of Americans and 71 percent of millennials.

This February, the New York Times wrote that “Long-established political parties across the democratic world are blowing up. Could America’s parties be next?” From Mexico to France and Chile to Spain, a political revolution is sweeping the world. The breakthrough is coming in a series of fresh, new people-powered parties. They sweep in to government by challenging the corruption of the establishment parties and offering a stirring new vision and social contract.

These parties begin as movements, launched by activists who learned through personal experience that the corporate-funded parties cannot be salvaged and belong in the past. They use social media and digital organizing to circumvent the corporate press and reach millions. Come join the Movement for a People’s Party in an open discussion and planning session on how we can bring the revolution to America with a party of our own.

See you at the watch party!

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director
Movement for a People’s Party

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