MPP is on the move!

I’m thrilled to share that our movement has been growing by leaps and bounds since The People’s Convention. Well over a million people have now watched progressive heroes like Sen. Nina Turner, Dr. Cornel West, Marianne Williamson, Jesse Ventura, Danny Glover, Chris Smalls, Jimmy Dore, and Chris Hedges address the nation at the Convention.

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of forming a major new party and we were covered in The Washington Post, Politico, The Guardian, MSN, and many other outlets. Our reach on social media has exploded, with 9.7 million impressions on Twitter alone in the last month. The movement has grown to more than 115,000 members and we’ve started more than 55 local People’s Party Hubs nationwide, with dozens more in the works.

In a remarkable development, the AFL-CIO of Vermont announced that it is endorsing our movement. Representatives from several of America’s largest unions voted almost unanimously to support building a major new people’s party. And we’ve joined forces with some of the top ballot access experts in the country to map out party formation in every state years before 2024, so our presidential candidate will be immune from efforts to attack our ballot status.

We’ve also seen a beautiful flourishing of support groups including Students for a People’s Party, Teachers for a People’s Party, Scientists for a People’s Party, Latinos for a People’s Party, Black Voters for a People’s Party, Veterans for a People’s Party, People with Disabilities for a People’s Party, Labor for a People’s Party, and more. People of all races and ages and genders and backgrounds are coming together in the beginnings of an American renewal. Please contribute to keep our movement growing strong.

The establishment is beginning to panic and is attacking our People’s Convention speakers, especially Ryan Knight. In response, Susan Sarandon came out strongly and shared her support for the movement.

And the People’s Party cannot arrive soon enough because the corporate parties have thrown our country into a permanent state of cascading crises. Protests exploded on Wednesday after a Kentucky grand jury brought no charges against Louisville police officers for killing Breonna Taylor. More than half of Americans are confronting serious economic hardship. Climate fires have engulfed the West Coast and colored the skies red. Meanwhile, billionaires have never had it better, seeing their fortunes soar by almost a trillion dollars while the rest of us struggle to survive.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has magnified the crisis. But even after Republicans held up Obama’s Supreme Court appointment for almost a year and stole it 2016, the Democrats are all but surrendering to another Trump appointee. Far from an isolated incident, Senate Democrats have spent the past four years approving and even fast-tracking Trump’s federal judges in record numbers. Now Biden, Feinstein, and most of the party oppose packing the court.

The worst part is that even if Biden was to appoint Justice Ginsburg’s replacement, they would also represent corporate interests on economic issues. That’s because, just like the parties, the Supreme Court has steadily shifted towards corporate extremism for decades. It has continued under Republican and Democratic administrations and appointments. Our country won’t be free until justices are chosen by parties elected by the people, not Wall Street.

As the crises mount in our country, millions of people who are increasingly desperate to escape a crushing political and economic status quo are being driven into the arms of a neofascist demagogue by a Democratic Party and nominee who pledge allegiance to Wall Street and spurn working people at every opportunity.

Calling all volunteers!

Switching gears a bit, as we expand our state and local organizing, we’d like to put out a call for experienced volunteers in three important areas.

1. Organizers: If you are an experienced and dedicated organizer and you want to help build the next major party in America, we are looking for local hub coordinators, state coordinators, and regional coordinators. To join the team please fill out our volunteer form, check Volunteer for Local Hub, and describe your skills and experience in detail on the form.

2. Lawyers: If you are an attorney with knowledge of state or federal election law, or are willing to learn and help advise organizers on party formation and ballot access in your state, please reply to this email.

3. Moderators: If you have experience moderating communities on Slack, or social media pages and Facebook groups, please reply to this email.

If you would like to join or form a local People’s Party Hub in your town or city, please fill out our volunteer form and check Local Hub. Our members are meeting in cities and states across the country to organize their area. Sign up, join our Slack, and we’ll connect you with fellow supporters in your community.

If you think your skills would be best suited to a national working group — Action, Creative Arts, Finance, Media and Messaging, Organizing, Political Outreach, or Tech and Data — please fill out the volunteer form and check Working Group.

The People’s Convention was a historic milestone in the formation of a major new party free of corporate money and influence. One of the comments we hear most since the Convention is that we’re giving people hope again. With each new hub, volunteer, and conversation, we are weaving the fabric of the next major party in America.

We are the future. And the future is bright.

In solidarity,

Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party