MPP’s special election newsletter. Three days away!

We’re just three days out from the 2018 midterm elections with the chance to make groundbreaking advances for our movement! Please enjoy the second edition of our monthly MPP newsletter, where we update you on movement actions and current events.

MPP News

● Multiple Republican sources have told the Florida press that an internal party poll has Tim Canova tied with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, each at 34 percent support. Tim’s victory would be the single biggest upset of the 2018 midterms! Let’s elect our first MPP member of Congress by phone bankingand donating to Tim. If you’re in Florida, please lend a hand with GOTV and election monitoring.

● On the eve of the election, John Brakey and the election integrity team at Audit USA scored a major victory in Florida. They’ve forced the Secretary of State to instruct all election workers to preserve the ballot image records generated at precincts. This will make it more difficult for Wasserman Schultz to rig her election again.

● In what could be a big victory for the surging public banking movement, public banking is on the ballot in Los Angeles. The city currently loses $1.1 billion in annual interest payments to Wall Street banks. The ballot measure would take a big step towards a citywide public bank that can invest those funds into affordable housing, good schools, clean energy, lower taxes and more. Public banking is a strong part of our platform and MPP stands with Public Bank LA and the Public Banking Institute in supporting Charter Amendment B. For more, watch PBI’s new video.

● MPP marched on the Pentagon alongside Cindy Sheehan and fellow peace activists for an end to all wars abroad, the closure of foreign military bases, and the reinvestment of defense funds into social programs. Experience the Women’s March on the Pentagon with MPP supporter and photographer Zhivko Illeieff’s photo essay .

● Our Labor-Community Campaign for an Independent Party with The Organizer picked up a wave of major endorsements this month including Dr. Cornel West, Baldemar Velasquez, Nancy Wohlforth, Jimmy Dore and ten organizations. Read more and endorse the campaign here.

● MPP is looking for more volunteersstate leads, and campus leads. Consider starting a chapter with others in your area, we can help connect you to them. If you can’t volunteer, please support our work with a donation or check out our shirts, buttons and more at our web store.

U.S. Political News

● Donald Trump says the U.S. will withdraw from the intermediate-range nuclear weapons treaty with Russia. “Experts warn of the ‘most severe crisis in nuclear arms control since the 1980s.” The announcement comes while NATO holds its biggest military exercise since the Cold War.

● Voter registration is being purged around the country and the Democratic Party isn’t fighting back. Investigative reporter Greg Palast has stepped in to file a lawsuit against the Secretary of State in Georgia in the party’s absence. Democrats have no moral qualms about purging the voter rolls themselves when it suits them, as they did in New York to block Bernie Sanders in 2016 and Cynthia Nixon in 2018.

● The Cherokee Nation condemned Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test stating that her actions “dishonor legitimate tribal governments and their citizens” and requesting that she cease her “continued claims of tribal heritage.” Warren refused to endorse Sanders in 2016 and is expected to run for president and split the primary vote with him in 2020.

● Marriott hospitality workers with Unite Here have gone on strike in several U.S. and Canadian cities. The union and its workers have vowed to stay out until they receive higher wages and safer working conditions for women.

● Facebook and Twitter launched a coordinated censorship campaign to suppress the progressive movement and American political dissent.

● The Trump administration moved to “define transgender out of existence.”

International News

● The ultra-right Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil, the sixth largest democracy in the world. The racist, sexist and homophobic Bolsonaro openly wants to revert the country to dictatorship and has promised a “cleansing the likes of which Brazil has never seen.” As Latin American and Western countries swiftly turn to new anti-establishment parties, Bolsonaro offers a hard look into America’s future if the left fails to offer a genuinely populist alternative.

● After minor parties on the left and right made large gains in German regional elections, Angela Merkel announced that she would resign as party leader of the center-right CSU and will not seek reelection as Chancellor in 2021. The CSU and SDP, which have run German governments since WWII, are now being replaced by parties to the left and right.

● A caravan of Central American refugees  has embarked toward Mexico and the U.S. border. Donald Trump is deploying the military to the border and vowing to end humanitarian aid to these countries. Trump also proposed ending birthright citizenship despite the proposition’s unconstitutionality. The refugee crisis is the result of poverty and violence wrought by the American drug war and corporate trade deals such as NAFTA, which Trump is in the process of rebranding.

● The U.S.-backed war in Yemen continues. Germany is halting weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and countries involved in the conflict. Theresa May and Donald Trump refuse to take similar actions. Facing mounting opposition to the war in the U.S. though, Trump has issued a half-hearted call on Saudi Arabia to end the war, while continuing to supply weapons.

● The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report on climate changecalling for a transformation of the global economy. The Panel reports that to avert runaway climate change and mitigate disaster, we must cut carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2050. Read this document by DSA Ecosocialists for a streamlined summary of the report.

● Jacobin magazine published “The Return of the Party,” citing the importance of the political party as a vehicle for change. New left parties are rising around the world to challenge oligarchy and right-wing nationalism. “Why are mass parties back? Because they’re still the best way to organize the powerless to take on the powerful.”

Take Action

Large majorities of Americans are calling for single payer health care, free public college, a peace economy, tackling climate change, breaking up the banks, and getting money out of politics.

Yet the Democrats have chosen to head into next week’s election just like they did two years ago: without a message beyond their hollow opposition of Donald Trump.

A total of two progressives unseated congressional Democrats in the 2018 primaries. Most of the remaining congressional candidates are in heavily red districts and the party blocked the rest. In just a few days, the great bulk of the time and resources poured into progressive campaigns in the Democratic Party will vaporize, leaving little to no permanent structure upon which we can build and compound our efforts. Every two years see progressives in the Democratic Party repeating the same ritual, with the country as a whole moving further to the right with each cycle.

Our movement is breaking that cycle and join our sisters and brothers around the world who are casting off their establishment parties with new progressive parties. Their success has shown the way and we are bringing the revolution home.

With dedication and hope,

The Organizing Team
Movement for a People’s Party

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