Our Revolution chapters are joining MPP marking a momentous shift towards a major new people’s party in the progressive movement

June 12, 2020

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Our Revolution chapters are joining MPP marking a momentous shift towards a major new people’s party in the progressive movement

Los Angeles, CA — Our Revolution Central Connecticut, We Want Bernie – Worcester, and three Our Revolution chapters in Oregon announced today that they are joining the Movement for a People’s Party to finish the political revolution in a major new people’s party. The four chapters and Bernie group join the rapidly growing network of MPP state and local hubs that are organizing in their communities, building local coalitions, and planning ballot access.

Across the country, many more Our Revolution chapters and Bernie groups are discussing joining MPP marking a momentous shift in the progressive movement towards building a genuinely-progressive party that is free of corporate money and influence. The chapters in Oregon include Our Revolution Portland, Our Revolution Southern Oregon, and Our Revolution affiliate the Rural Oregon Progressive Network.

A second rigged presidential primary election against Sanders and his supporters and the Democratic Party’s refusal to champion progressive policies — even during the extreme suffering caused by the pandemic and ensuing economic collapse — is leading progressives to conclude that the movement’s future is in a major new party. The national uprising against police brutality and law enforcement budgets that dwarf social services is emphasizing the demand for transformative change reverberating through America.

“Last month, Our Revolution Los Angeles joined the Movement for a People’s Party and called on Our Revolution chapters and progressive groups nationwide to build a new party with us. Now, several chapters and groups are answering that call,” said Jerry Perez, field director with Our Revolution Los Angeles.

The groups released the following statements announcing their support.

Our Revolution Oregon:

Portland, OR — The chapters of Our Revolution Oregon have worked tirelessly over the last five years to empower our members to engage in the Revolution. We have championed issues, including Medicare for All, campaign and electoral reform, the Green New Deal, and social justice work. We have elected candidates up and down the ballot. And many of our members have worked tirelessly with the Democratic Party in our state in an effort to once again make it a party that works for the people.

As we move forward, it is clear to some of our members that in order to revitalize our democracy, it will be necessary to form a major new party that fights alongside our movements, in addition to our efforts to reform the Democratic Party. To that end, we are pleased to join with the Movement for a People’s Party as they endeavor to create a party that operates independent of corporate interests and empowers candidates without undue burdens that serve those interests. We look forward to building a new party for working people in Oregon.

We believe that by continuing a robust discussion on what can be done to champion our democratic institutions, both inside the Democratic Party and through other mechanisms, we will be able to truly bring about the Revolution our people and our country deserve.


Worcester, MA — We Want Bernie – Worcester is pleased to announce our decision, by an overwhelming majority of our members, to affiliate with the Movement for a Peoples Party. Our decision was based on the fact that we want to carry Bernie’s platform forward and can see no viable path that this can be achieved through the current Democratic Party. We feel that the Movement for a Peoples Party is an idea whose time has come in forming a new major party, and we are delighted to be part of it.

Our Revolution Central Connecticut:

Hartford County, CT — The actions of both major political parties during the events of 2020 have demonstrated a failure to meet the moment and show effective leadership in a time when bold systemic change is required. And even though the members of Our Revolution Central Connecticut support a kitchen sink approach in advancing our agenda, we are less confident that working within the Democratic Party is a viable option for future systemic change.

Instead, we believe that change can best be achieved through a new political party, one that does not yet exist in Connecticut or national politics. This is why our members support the creation of a People’s Party, one that works for all people, and is not beholden to big business or the ultra-rich. Our members support a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Tuition-Free Public Colleges, getting rid of money in politics through publicly financed elections, and other universal social safety net programs inspired by FDR and Bernie Sanders. Our members also seek to have massive reforms of policing in our communities by defunding the police, reinvesting that money into the communities most hurt by police brutality, and systemic change to end racial discrimination and bigotry.

The Movement for a People’s Party shares those same views that our members do, which is why Our Revolution Central Connecticut is pleased to announce that we will be working with them to form a new political party in Connecticut. We encourage all other Our Revolution Chapters and any other organization that wants real systemic change to join our call for a People’s Party to make the Political Revolution a reality.

MPP was founded in 2017 by staffers, delegates and volunteers from Sanders’ first presidential campaign. It argues that both major parties are controlled by Wall Street and that working people must form their own progressive populist party.

Organizers are planning a digital People’s Convention shortly after the Democratic and Republican national conventions in August to show what a party of, by and for working people looks like in a time of mounting crises. The movement has adopted Sanders’ campaign platform until members can determine the party platform at its founding convention next year.

Polls show that 57 percent of Americans want a major new party, including 71 percent of Millennials. A large plurality of Americans are now independent and nonvoters are the biggest voting bloc in every national election.

“The People’s Party will unite working people into the largest party in America in the next four years,” said Nick Brana, national coordinator with MPP. “We will get ballot access nationwide, send representatives to Congress in the midterms, win the presidency in 2024, and revolutionize this country.” Brana was the national political outreach coordinator with Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and a founding staff member of Our Revolution, its first electoral manager.


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