Nina Turner is Running for Congress

It’s official! Sen. Nina Turner is running for Congress. She’s running for the seat vacated by Rep. Marcia Fudge, who Joe Biden has chosen as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The People’s Party isn’t on the ballot in Ohio yet so she will have to run as a Democrat, but we can’t think of anyone better to win that seat and bring a friend of the People’s Party to Congress.

This week brings grim news from the nation’s ocean scientists who reported that the Arctic is heating up at a rate double that of the global average and sea ice is melting rapidly.

We still have time to turn this around. Watch our national call where climate scientist and MPP climate advisor Dr. Peter Kalmus talks about the world’s climate emergency and why the People’s Party must succeed to help avert climate catastrophe in the next few years.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to fill his administration with corporate lobbyists and centrists from the Obama administration. On tap is General Lloyd Austin for Defense Secretary, who helped spearhead the 2003 invasion of Iraq and sits on the board of Raytheon, a major supplier of bombs, including to the U.S-Saudi air war in Yemen which has killed at least 100,000 civilians.

He will join Neera Tanden, Bernie Sanders’ nemesis, who looks to be a shoo-in for director of the Office of Management and Budget despite her light financial resume. Tanden is a venomous opponent of popular proposals like Medicare for all and a Green New Deal and supports cuts in Social Security and Medicare. As president of the corporatist “Center for American Progress,” she famously punched an employee who questioned Hillary Clinton’s support for the Iraq War and accepted millions of dollars in donations from “friendly” foreign regimes such as the United Arab Emirates.

Last week we officially registered the People’s Party in Maine, our first state party! Maine has a special rule that requires early registration. Please donate as we prepare to register the People’s Party in all 50 states and offer a progressive populist alternative to the corporate-funded Democratic and Republican parties in 2022 and 2024.

Our movement heralds an American renewal. We are talking about the future of our country in a way no one else is. And we’re doing it with heart and soul.

Featured image credit: Wikimedia Commons