Nina Turner is in!

In a time of deep hurt and great uncertainty, the heart and soul of our progressive movement took the stage today and pointed the way forward as only she could!

Nina Turner tweet - 1

This is the start of a new chapter in our movement and our country’s history. When we tell stories of how the political revolution was won, we will sing of the day that Sen. Nina Turner joined us.

It’s all hands on deck now! We’re working towards the People’s Convention this summer, building local hubs, and bringing our message to groups and working people across the country. Sign up to volunteer, join a working group, start a hub, and join our community.

As Nina says,

When I asked my grandmother what does it take to be successful in life? She said, “My dear granddaughter, all you need are the three bones. The wishbone, the jawbone, and the backbone.” She said, “The wishbone will keep you hoping and praying because hope is the motivator but the dream is the driver.” She said, “the jawbone will give you courage to speak truth to power, to lift your voice.”

“But the most important bone of all, the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bone is the backbone. Because it will keep you standing through your trials and your tribulations.” And sisters and brothers, in this life we’re going to go through some stuff. But we can’t have a testimony without a test. And we’re all being tested. Whether or not we have courage and conviction enough to do what it right, even when other folks are standing on the sidelines. Whether or not we got courage enough to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Let’s finish this political revolution!

The National Organizing Team
Movement for a People’s Party