People’s Party Kicks Off Petitioning for Ballot Access in Ohio

We are thrilled to share that the People’s Party has officially kicked off petitioning for ballot access in the Buckeye State! Ohio, also known as the Mother of Presidents, is the seventh most populous state in the country.

If you’re in the state, you can be one of the first to sign the petition to form the People’s Party of Ohio. We need to gather the signatures of 60,000 voters to get our ballot line and run candidates, and we’re looking to double that. All signatures must be in person.

Sign up to volunteer to help get ballot access in Ohio, California, Colorado, Maine, and the rest of the country.

There has been some confusion about registering for the People’s Party in California, where sign-ups to the party can be done online. Here is a video to walk you through. The sign-up form will accept “People’s Party” and “Peoples Party,” with and without the apostrophe. If you live in California or have friends or family there, send them the information and share on social media. Here’s to bringing the People’s Party to every state in America!