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To build a party takes people power. It will take all of us working together to connect this movement to the two thirds of the country that wants a major new party.

There are so many ways you can get involved. You can do the groundwork needed to get this party started. You can connect with our current campaigns. There are actions that take just a minute or two, and ones that allow you to dive in. Have a few moments each day? Share a post or two on social media. Have a free afternoon? Table for MPP at a local event. Feel inspired to get more involved? Help a regional leader plan an event to present our vision to a progressive group you know. 

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Let’s Get This Party Started

The party won’t build itself. It’s up to us. All of us. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy steps you can take that will make huge strides forward in building this coalition party. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to work with people who want real change and real democracy as much as you do. There’s so much common ground!

There are two main tracks for more involved volunteer work: 1. Pledge Drive Track and 2. Ambassador Track. Or you can contribute what time you have a la carte via the actions list below, which are organized from quick to more involved. Take the next step toward what you deserve:



The MPP Pledge Drive program is an official volunteer track that you can take to grow our movement by getting signatures of those who want a major new party. This is our road to getting on the ballots. Organize volunteers and canvass your community to meet new supporters and volunteers. Find out more here and below.

Choose Canvas Locations

  • High traffic areas – busy with pedestrians like outside of supermarkets and post offices
  • College campuses – young people are the most supportive
  • State, county, and other fairs
  • Community events
  • Labor and union meetings or events
  • Progressive rallies, meetings, conferences and events
  • Rallies in support of issues, protests, candidates
  • Use your imagination: go anywhere working people and progressives gather

Women’s March on the Pentagon

Ask people to sign our pledge to support MPP and an independent party for the people, not the billionaires. Find our canvassing guide and sample script here.



The MPP Ambassador program is an official volunteer track that you can take to be the face of our movement, our diplomats, at meetings of progressive groups in your area to promote MPP. Find out more here and below.

Connect With Groups

Form relationships with progressive groups in your area. Choose groups most likely receptive to forming a new independent party. If you are a union member, talk to your union brothers and sisters about MPP. Make friends with union members in your area.

Help Their Efforts

Partner with these progressive groups on their progressive projects — ballot initiatives, issue organizing, community service, and direct actions (excluding campaigns attempting to reform the Democratic Party). Join in union actions at locals such as volunteering at soup kitchens or walking the picket lines.

Invite Them to MPP Events

Invite your friends from other organizations to any MPP informational gatherings, events, or actions.



Amplify Posts

Share and retweet posts on social media:
Twitter @4aPeoplesParty

Post Up

Post stickers in public spaces. Find stickers here.

Talk It Up

Talk positively about MPP and its goals online and with your friends and neighbors. Word of mouth is VERY powerful.

Learn More!

Our Twitter feed and Facebook page post terrific articles and videos that help shed light on why we’re doing what we’re doing.



Have a Party

Help your regional leaders plan and host meetings or events.

Go to the People

Find a progressive event in your area, set up a table and talk MPP. Sign people up to volunteer or get our newsletter. Find tabling gear here and here.

Talk It Up

Talk positively about MPP and its goals online and with your friends and neighbors. Word of mouth is VERY powerful.

Ballot Organizing

The ballot issue comes up frequently. It’s quite doable. Build support for when that time comes by asking people to sign the pledge here. Take pledge forms with you to events.  Want to get more involved in organizing petition drives? Take it up as an official volunteer track. See here for more information.

Street Team

Distribute MPP fliers to area cafes, libraries, and other community-focused gathering spots. Find flyers to print here.

March with Allies!

March at an aligned event, or an event MPP has endorsed, and carry an MPP banner. Find graphic files to print a banner here.




  • Write an article for a publication or an op-ed for your local paper.
  • Volunteer with our graphics team to create graphics and memes.
  • Work with our videos team to film and edit short videos.
  • Make signs.
  • Make art.
  • Write rebel songs.
  • Write poetry.
  • Take photographs. 


Reach out to journalists, unions, progressive organizations, progressive leaders, academics, and activist groups who could be open to joining our coalition for an independent party. Connect them to MPP’s regional leaders so we can hopefully organize a presentation about MPP.

Build the Coalition

Work with allied organizations to help their efforts become successful. Want to become more involved in building the coalition? Take it up as an official volunteer track. See here for more information.

Phone Bank

Phone or text bank in support of endorsed candidates or campaigns.


Canvass in support of endorsed candidates or campaigns.



Become a Regional Leader

Regional leaders take on the role of local organizer for the area’s volunteers. Find out more here. Some of their activities include working with state and national leads to:

  • Host meetings and events such as chapter meetings, house parties, campus meetings, barnstorms, or community events such as farmers’ markets or fairs.
  • Plan informational meetings — small local grassroots meetings to educate others about MPP.
  • Build the coalition with progressive groups and other potential allies in your area.

Become a Campus Leader

College and university students have always been at the forefront of any major social movement. Let’s organize on campuses all over the country! Find out more here. A campus leader’s role includes working with regional and state leads to: 

  • Sign up new supporters and volunteers
  • Start MPP groups on campus and have regular meetings
  • Join in and connect us with progressive issue campaigns and direct actions on campus and in your area
  • Set up a table and sign up students on campus

Start a Chapter

Become a regional leader and work toward creating a chapter in your area. More details here.