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Nominate The first generation of People’s Party candidates


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Blazing A Trail

The People’s Party is opening nominations for its first generation of candidates. The national People’s Party, in collaboration with our state chapters, will be supporting a diverse and dynamic slate of about a dozen congressional candidates in the 2022 midterm elections. These future representatives will help us blaze a trail for races at every level of government and shape the movement to give a real voice and choice to the voters of America. 

The Kinds Of Candidates We Are Seeking

We’re looking for candidates with a history of activism, organizing, and service to their communities. People who have lived the profound injustices that the corporate parties have imposed on our country. Future representatives with strong ties to their communities, who will fight hard for their constituents and the transformative change and policies embodied in the People’s Platform.

The first round of People’s Party campaigns will help us build a strong volunteer base and campaign infrastructure that can carry over to future races. It will be a guiding light for campaigns beyond the midterms. While we are focused on electing a slate of federal candidates, nominations are also open for state and local candidates. 

We anticipate receiving hundreds of nominations from across the country and are grateful to all who step up. Our vetting process will be extensive and we will be receiving feedback from members of our state hubs on candidates who are nominated in their states. 

We are seeking individuals who are committed to building people-powered grassroots campaigns free of corporate money and influence. People who are passionately committed to the cause of building a major new party and have the courage to challenge the establishment parties.

Our candidates will upend their lives to serve their communities and the People’s Party will honor that sacrifice by investing meaningfully in those who put themselves on the line. The party will devote months to train them in how to build strong campaigns, mobilize volunteers, reach as many voters as possible, and run effective small-dollar grassroots funded races. The party will help create the infrastructure of their campaigns, including building teams of talented staff and volunteers. We will be there from start to finish for our candidates, from before launch to after the last vote is cast. Candidates will become a part of our People’s Party community and work closely in solidarity with each other, forming a community of their own to exchange ideas and support one another. We will put our candidates on the path to success because we intend to win.

If selected, someone from our Candidate Recruitment team will be reaching out to you or the candidate you nominated. If you haven’t already, we suggest connecting with your regional coordinator and getting involved locally, or joining a national working group. You can get involved by signing up as a volunteer.

Keep an eye out for our email newsletter for updates about the People’s Party as well as our nominations process. We deeply appreciate your support and commitment to this movement. Together we are building a party of, by and for the people. Come November of next year, we will break barriers and make lasting change together.

Apply To Run Or Nominate A Future Leader

We are accepting applications for those who wish to run for office, as well as nominations from community members for people who you think would make dedicated and capable leaders.

Think you would make a great candidate?

Know a strong community leader you would like to represent your district or state?