Students for a People’s Party


Our mission is to build a student movement for a people’s party free of corporate influence by uniting organizations and individuals who share our progressive vision.


To establish student chapters nationally to facilitate the mobilization of students around both our candidates & platform, this ensures that there will be both student representation and participation within the overall efforts of the party.




High School

Middle School



Upholding Democracy

  1. Have a yearly convention where any resolutions or amendments to the constitution can be amended.
  2. Have all major decisions be voted upon by a simple majority of all members.
  3. Any positions of leadership will be elected and not appointed to avoid any form of tyranny & performative politics.
  4. Implement a decentralized leadership structure by opting for committees rather than directors/team leaders.

Focusing on Youth Empowerment

  1. Providing multiple opportunities to members to deepen their involvement and exposure to national affairs concerning both our candidates and our platform via town halls, summits, and national calls.
  2. Prioritizing political education as an essential and necessary component of student organizing, and thus reflecting our events and resources as such.
  3. Partnering with youth focused organizations to allow for a coalition and cohesive movement for young organizers.
  4. Binding ourselves to always keep a student focused and representative agenda by keeping us all responsible to our constitution.

    Supporting Our Students

    1. Securing that youth organizing will be as safe and accessible as possible.
    2. Valuing the work that our members do by accrediting them fully as well as instilling a respective workplace that refuses to discriminate or degrade on any basis, including age.
    3. Whenever possible, any ability to financially compensate will be seen through for we heed that disparity within student organizing.
    4. Inputting everyone’s perspective and ideas in every issue, as well as making any appropriate specifications to do so.

    Being Community & Family Oriented

    1. Creating a safe, fun space for organizers to feel comfortable and supported as they change the world.
    2. Holding social events on every scale so that members can get to know one another and form professional relationships with one another.
    3. Removing any hierarchical aspects of organizing while still maintains an overall sense of responsibility & professionalism.
    4. Connecting organizers and our candidates together to help create student/youth representation within the government in addition to outside of it.
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