Our amazing new partners!

The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and flourishing partnerships! We joined our partners at the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Action Congress and discussed MPP with their state groups. We livestreamed our debate watch party in NYC and workshop at Left Forum. Our new friends at Move to Amend invited us to speak at their national conference and we joined March on the Pentagon to plan Rage Against the War Machine.

We’re also thrilled to announce new partnerships with some of the most dynamic youth climate groups in the country! Including Extinction Rebellion U.S., Earth Uprising, and The Climate Mobilization. I joined organizers with our South Florida chapter at the Zero Hour Youth Climate Summit in Miami, which could be underwater in 30 years. Thanks to coalition building by supporters like you, groups are partnering with us almost faster than we can keep track!

My generation overwhelmingly wants a major new party. Our movement is the future. Please become a Sustaining Donor and let’s show the establishment that their time is up.

I’m happy to say that we’re teaming up with Extinction Rebellion to organize what might be their most audacious U.S. action yet! The mass civil disobedience action is coming up this Tuesday on Capitol Hill and will demand that the U.S. join the U.K. and Canada in declaring a climate emergency. We expect this action to get national press coverage so come join me if you’re in the D.C. area.

We’re also killing it with the independent media. We met with Jordan Chariton, Katie Halper, Aaron Maté, and Richard Wolfe in New York, all of whom want to cover our growing Movement for a People’s Party. Rick invited us to his show hosted at the professional YouTube studios in Manhattan. At the Poor People’s Campaign conference Nina Turner told us to keep up the great work.

On top of that, Lee Fang interviewed me in The Intercept on how the Democrats can activate the superdelegates and steal the nomination from Bernie again. These journalists see the growing number of people becoming independents and calling for a new party. They know that 2020 would be the third straight primary election that the DNC has stolen from working people and that it will trigger a political explosion in America with a massive demand for a party free of corrupting corporate influence.

My favorite panel at Left Forum was a conversation between Kali Akuno, Chris Hedges, Laura Flanders, and Rick Wolfe where they drew from history to share how revolutions win. They said that there are two preconditions: life becomes intolerable, and the people lose confidence in the establishment’s ability to solve their problems. They also said that a revolutionary party is necessary, timing is paramount, and that even a small committed group can change everything.

With inequality surpassing Gilded Age levels, health care and student debt skyrocketing, climate change roiling the planet, and 80 percent of Americans surviving paycheck-to-paycheck, life has become intolerable. With trust in government and institutions at historic lows and people fleeing the corporate parties in record numbers, the people have lost confidence in the establishment’s ability to solve their problems.

As the Democrats rig another election and a recession approaches, the opportunity to offer working people the fresh alternative that most already want will never have been greater. That’s why it is key that we keep building alliances and do the organizing that will make a political revolution possible in those rapidly-approaching decisive moments of crisis.

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With heart and hope,

Nick Brana

Founder and National Director
Movement for a People’s Party