Our Demand for Civilian Oversight Committee Will Help Overcome Systemic Racism

by Otis Buckley, MPP member

We are calling for an end to the systemic racism that plagues the overwhelming majority of black communities across America. Black American citizens have suffered in silence for far too long. With the invention of the internet and smartphones all of America gets to witness a portion of the suffering we have endured for over 400 years. It must end now!

George Floyd was the most recent victim. But he was not the first, and if systemic changes are not made immediately, he will not be the last. We are calling for a complete overhaul of the police, their policing practices, and the legal system. We will not rest until every single American citizen is treated equally in the eyes of the law, and we will not stop until justice prevails.

In the U.S. the original function of police forces was rooted in racism; their main job was to catch and return runaway slaves. But that deep rooted racism will end on our watch. Police forces of today are here to uphold the law, not to circumvent it, not to invent it. And they must treat all citizens as equal under the law. In the exact same way that police serve and protect the citizens of Beverly Hills and Calabasas, they must also serve and protect the citizens of Chicago and Detroit.

The police will no longer be allowed to kill with impunity. When the police blatantly murder an American citizen, they must face the exact same punishment as everyone else. The hand of justice must come down swiftly, not days, or even weeks, after the fact. It must be immediate, and perpetrators must be arrested on the spot.

George Floyd did not die in vain; we will, and we must, obtain justice in his name, as well as the names of Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Botham Jean, Breonna Taylor and many others, too numerous to list. The murderers will not walk away scott-free, the uniforms will not protect them from being punished to the fullest extent of the law.

We are in the midst of a national emergency! The police will no longer be allowed to police themselves, as they have proven themselves incapable.

The citizens will police the police.

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