The Goal of a People’s Party is to … 

The goal of a people’s party is to represent the interests of the wide majority of us and create a system to sustainably maximize well-being for ALL.

We believe we deserve a system that honors everyone for the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the land where they happened to be born, or the numbers in their bank account. One that brings powerful law-breakers to justice. One that makes sure the planet and its magnificent beings are cared for before any corporation exec’s profit margins. One where the power of our nation’s wealth serves all of us, not just failed banks or masters of war.

So many of us realize Congress currently does the bidding of Wall Street, corporations and billionaires — no matter which party is in power. That’s left most of us behind. The result is all our hard work and sacrifice has made the rich much richer, but not ourselves. It’s not our energy or work ethic that’s the problem. It’s the system.

The elites have escaped justice for major financial crimes, and continue to lock into place an abusive unsustainable system threatening our lives and the planet. Things must change — dramatically, and fast.

In 1944, FDR proposed an Economic Bill of Rights guaranteeing employment, food, clothing, leisure, a living wage, housing, health care, social security, education and freedom from corporate control. It’s the end of the age of oil. We’ve begun the renewable, digital age. We can and must bring a new system to life that delivers Roosevelt’s vision.

Here’s how we do it:

Inspire and Empower

Change hearts and minds, unify around a revolutionary progressive platform, activate people to build a mass movement.


Network the Coalition

Organize around progressive issues and initiatives with allied groups to network the movement, unions and organizations into a coalition.


Partner with Independents and Labor

Partner with and endorse independent candidates to be leaders in forming a new party.


Attract the best

Attract stellar independents and pull progressive organizations and influencers out of the Democratic Party into a party that truly supports them.


Build state by state

Launch state parties in the most progressive and independent states.


Run candidates

Run inspiring candidates and build a bench of elected officials.


Network the States

Network our state parties into a nationally viable people’s party.


Political Revolution

Wipe away the old system and bring the people’s platform to life.