Our Revolution Los Angeles Joins the Movement for a People’s Party, CALLS ON ALL GROUPS TO TAKE “THE NEXT STEP IN THE POLITICAL REVOLUTION”

May 11, 2020


Carol Ehrle in San Francisco | [email protected]
Jerry Perez in Los Angeles | [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA — Our Revolution Los Angeles announced today that an overwhelming majority of its members have voted to form a major new party and it is joining the Movement for a People’s Party. The chapter represents more than 10,000 people in Los Angeles. They are asking other Our Revolution chapters and progressive groups to join MPP and finish the political revolution in a people’s party.

Prominent Sanders surrogates RoseAnn DeMoro and John Cusack recently shared their support for starting a new party as well.

Our Revolution was founded by Sen. Bernie Sanders to reform the Democratic Party after his 2016 presidential run. Following a second rigged Democratic primary against Sanders and his supporters in 2020, and the party’s refusal to champion progressive policies even during the extreme suffering caused by the pandemic, Our Revolution Los Angeles’ members decided that the Democratic Party is irredeemably corporate and must be replaced. By a 72 percent majority, they resolved to leave the Democratic Party and build a major new party free of corporate and billionaire money.

Our Revolution Los Angeles is calling on Our Revolution chapters and progressive groups nationwide to poll their members on joining the Movement for a People’s Party. Together they will co-host an informational meeting with interested chapters and groups on Thursday, May 14, to discuss and plan the new party.

“In Los Angeles, Democrats control city council and the mayor’s office. They also control the statehouse, governor’s mansion and most congressional seats. Yet homelessness soars in our city, millions of people in our country have no or inadequate healthcare, and wealth inequality has skyrocketed as billionaire wealth jumped over 200 times greater than median wealth, increasing 1,130 percent in the last 30 years,” said Our Revolution Los Angeles Chair Kyle Vertin.

“We charge that the Democratic Party is no ally in fixing the major crises of our generation, such as healthcare, housing, and climate, but a partner of the elites seeking to increase their wealth and power at the expense of our safety and well-being. Complying with an increasingly corporatist party will harm any effort to guarantee Americans their basic needs,” stated Vertin.

“The people of Los Angeles need a corporate-free party. We’re calling on all Our Revolution and progressive groups to join us in building it. A people’s party is the next step in the political revolution.

MPP was founded in 2017 by staffers, delegates and volunteers from Sanders’ first presidential campaign. It argues that both major parties are controlled by Wall Street and that working people must form their own progressive populist party. Organizers are planning a digital People’s Convention this summer to contrast with the Democratic and Republican national conventions and set up for the founding convention next year. The movement has adopted Sanders’ campaign platform until members can determine the party platform at its founding convention next year.

Polls show that 57 percent of Americans want a major new party, including 71 percent of Millennials. A large plurality of Americans are now independent and nonvoters are the biggest voting bloc in every national election.

“The People’s Party will unite working people into the largest party in America in the next four years,” said Nick Brana, national coordinator with MPP. “We will get ballot access nationwide, send representatives to Congress in the midterms, win the presidency in 2024, and revolutionize this country.” Brana was the national political outreach coordinator with Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and a founding staff member of Our Revolution, its first electoral manager.


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