Pandemic Blues

I just have to say this – no ifs, ands, or buts –
This stupid pandemic is driving me nuts.

No boss, no alarm clock, but lots of TV
Just isn’t the fun that I thought it would be.

I’ve got to do something. I’m tired of just sitting —
I’m hardly the type to be taking up knitting.

It’s time to get busy and stop being whiny;
I’ve got to do more than just sit on my hiney.

Wait – here’s an idea – I’ll join MPP,
And meet lots of people who think just like me.

I heard they have workgroups, some techie, some arty,
All busy creating a new People’s Party.

I’ll bet they can use me. I’m good at some stuff.
As long as I’m helpful, that should be enough.

Today is the day I completely shift gears,
I’m done with those Dems I supported for years.

They cannot be trusted; I’ll say my goodbyes,
And look to the future with wide-open eyes.

Instead of just being a Democrat sheeple,
I’ll help build a party that stands for the people!

– by The People’s Party Poet

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