Candidate nominations are open!

Get ready to shake up the status quo. We are thrilled to announce that we are opening community nominations for the first generation of People’s Party candidates!

We will be running a slate of about a dozen candidates for Congress and possibly the U.S. Senate in the midterm elections. We are also fielding nominations for state and local races.

Our candidates will carry the torch of the People’s Party and bring our vision into the halls of power for the first time. In a country where two out every three Americans wants a major new party, their victories will show that working people will no longer settle for two corporate political parties. Their transformative legislation and uncompromising governance will galvanize generations of candidates to come. Our first candidates will show people that there is a way out of this system. And they will lift the spirits of a nation.



We’re looking for candidates who have a deep commitment to their communities and are ready to work hard to transform this country. People who have a history and passion for activism and community service. Do you know someone who would make a good candidate or do you want to step up? Nominate a candidate for our first generation. Read and share our press release.