People’s Party Election Interim National Chair Results

Thank you everyone who participated in the Interim National Chair Elections and our first national People’s Party election. The votes are in and we’re proud to announce the results: Nick Brana got 66.39 percent of the vote while Joe Burnham got 33.61 percent. The National Chair will be chairing the upcoming National Organizing Committee, which is bringing together stakeholders and representatives from across the states to help set the rules for the People’s Party National Committee.

Thank You Chair Candidates

People's Party ElectionThank you to both Nick Brana and Joe Burnham for stepping up as Chair Candidates, and to all who sent in debate questions, engaged with and watched our National Debate. The People’s Party is growing and working each day to secure ballot access across the country, take action, organize to support future candidates, and make change today.

Building a Major Party Together

We are building across the country! Can you contribute $10 today to help us onboard volunteers, organize direct actions and get ballot access nationwide?

Across the country, working people who never saw themselves as leaders in a political party are stepping up, organizing direct actions, and joining state organizing committees and central committees.

new party

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are historically unpopular and the Democrats are heading towards big losses next year. Two years later we will likely face a rematch of Biden and Trump, or possibly Harris or Pence or even Ron DeSantis. Wall Street will have two corporate candidates again and working people must have strong candidates of their own. We must get off the corporate party treadmill and end the race to the bottom that is devastating our families and communities.

End the Oligarchy

It’s paramount that we grow the People’s Party, free from corporate influence. We are the party of the People. We will pass Medicare for All, housing for all, tuition-free college, student loan debt forgiveness, stop the endless wars, and truly address climate change once and for all.

Down with the corporate oligarchy!