As the People’s Party grows and takes root across the country, powered by thousands of working people in almost every state, we are proud to be kicking off our election for Interim National Chair. Scroll down to read statements from our official Interim National Chair Candidates! 

The People’s Party Interim National Chair elections is a two-phase process, starting with a nomination period where potential Interim National Chair Nominee applicants are vetted and those that meet the criteria are accepted as Nominees. Once Nominees meet the ballot access threshold, they become official People’s Party Interim National Chair Candidates.

The first phase of the election process included a ballot access period where active People’s Party volunteers submitted Elector ballots for their preferred candidates. Each People’s Party National Interim Chair Nominee was required to garner 25 Elector signatures to become Interim National Chair Candidates.

The ballot access period has ended and we are happy to officially announce the People’s Party Interim National Chair Candidates. The elected Interim National Chair will be chairing our upcoming National Organizing Committee and Coordinator’s Circle. They will be working as Interim National Chair from the end of this election until a new election for National Chair takes place at the upcoming People’s National Convention.

Not only can you learn about People’s Party Interim Chair candidates by reading their biographies and visions below but you can also join the People’s Party for a  Livestream of the Interim National Chair Election Debate on Thursday, November 11th at 8:30 p.m. EDT. A link to a form for audience question submissions is available at the bottom of this webpage. The National Interim Chair Elections Debate will be available on all of the People’s Party Platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The elections will conclude with a ranked-choice vote made by the People’s Party membership. The entire process will last from Wednesday, October 27th, and run through Monday, November 15th. Our winning candidate and Interim National Chair will be announced on Tuesday, November 16th.

The Interim National Chair is a full-time position requiring great dedication to building the People’s Party. Read more about the roles and responsibilities of the position in the National Organizing Committee rules.

Meet our Interim National Chair Candidates

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Nick Braña

About Nick

Five years ago, after my work as National Political Outreach Coordinator with Bernie 2016 and Electoral Manager at Our Revolution, a group of rebels embarked on an impossible journey to build the major new party that the majority of Americans want and need. A populist party that would finally guarantee health care, housing, pre-K to college, and good-paying jobs to all in this country. We had no funding, no big groups backing us, or flashy ad campaigns. We just saw a future where our friends and families lived free of debilitating poverty and debt, where our kids grew up with opportunities we’d never had, where every human being lived a dignified life, and we refused to let that vision go no matter how many pundits wrote us off. 

We were few then. Now we are many. 

Today our movement has grown into a force that is revolutionizing this country. We’ve pushed the agenda and led actions that have shaped the politics of a nation. We were the only major national organization that organized #ForceTheVote with Jimmy Dore. We protested AOC in the Bronx and demanded that the Squad take action at the Capitol, just days before they decided to occupy the steps. We went to the homes of dozens of members of Congress to demand a People’s Stimulus at the height of the pandemic. We brought together more than a million viewers and figures such as Dr. Cornel West, Marianne Williamson, and Gov. Jesse Ventura at The People’s Convention. 

Now we are building the party in more than 40 states across the country. We’ve tripled our membership since Bernie dropped out last year. We’ve been covered in more than a hundred independent and mainstream media outlets. We’ve inspired thousands of small-dollar donors to shoot us past the Green Party’s fundraising, with an average contribution of just $19. And we’ve begun hiring remarkable and talented staff such as Paula Jean Swearengin and Zeynab Day, with experience on more than 100 campaigns. Voters in several states can now officially register as members of the People’s Party and we’ve achieved ballot access in our first state in Florida.

Should you choose to elect me as our Interim National Chair, I promise you that we will build a major new party free of corporate money in this country. We will change the course of history in 2022 and 2024. We will finish what we started, in the name of every loved one we have lost to this barbaric system and everyone we can still save. Because nothing is more important than fulfilling the promise of our People’s Party for all who give their time, their talent, and their hope. It is for you that I volunteer each and every day from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. And it is for you that I will see this through. We the people are no longer content to watch our country burn for the profits of a few. Together we are rising and together we will remake this country for all.

Joe Burnham

About Joe

My name is Joe Burnham. Odds are, you don’t know me. But name recognition doesn’t matter. This isn’t about voting for a name, but for our voice.

The Interim National Chair will guide our creation of the documents that define The People’s Party. This election decides our future and the kind of party we will have.

At 18, I registered as an Independent, days before Clinton beat Bush. That affiliation never changed. Even then I knew I could never be part of either corrupt party. But watching the 2020 People’s Convention, I sensed the possibility of a political home. Not just because of policies promoted, but the potential for a party about people, not power. Like many Americans, I’ve lost faith in self-serving institutions. The convention stirred hope in a party of, by, and for the people.

But that was fourteen months ago; and we finally have our first elected national leadership position. We’ve had fourteen months of top-down mandates and final say left to a few. During this time the common refrain from dozens of current and former volunteers (from States, circles, working groups and even the Coordinators’ Circle), is that our current structure fails to listen and often denies dignity. All too often, these volunteers are from groups already marginalized in our society. Black and Brown people, women, LGBTQIA individuals, immigrants, and the poor.

These volunteers will tell you I listen, seek understanding, and create ease during tense discussions. They will say I hear every voice and find solutions together. Earning a doctorate in leadership and two decades dedicated to non-profit work formed the empathy and compassion I have for all. That is why I am running for the Interim National Chair.

Garnering publicity and endorsements is good. It inspired thousands of people to volunteer. Some have long histories of political engagement as activists, organizers, and candidates. Others see the world we are handing our kids and need to do something. But we all came to work. Some have a couple of hours a week. Others will make this a second full-time job. Together, it is millions of hours. But if our voices are not heard, the time we offer is not honored, and the opportunity to do meaningful work is denied, we will never become a true party of the people. 

With the formation of the NOC, we can transition towards our aspirations. By embracing our Community Agreements, assuming good faith, and seeking understanding, we can build consensus. This is something I do as a Co-Coordinator of the Regenerative Culture Circle, but in this structure, a circle’s impact only goes so far.

Only an organization that honors and is built by the people is worthy of the name, The People’s Party. I am here to build it with you. Together we can determine the way forward. That is how I will serve as Interim National Chair, letting the people lead.

Again, name recognition doesn’t matter because this isn’t about voting for a name but voting for our voice.

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