The People’s Party Opens Candidate Nominations, Will Compete for Congress in the Midterms

Date: April 14, 2021


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The People’s Party Opens Candidate Nominations, Will Compete for Congress in the Midterms

Detroit — The People’s Party is opening nominations for its inaugural slate of candidates. The party will run a diverse and dynamic first generation of candidates for Congress in 2022, and may include a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The national slate will include about a dozen candidates. And they won’t do politics as usual. They will be powered entirely by working people and grassroots donations, rejecting all funds from corporate lobbyists and PACs, like the party itself.

“It’s very important to the movement to run candidates who truly internalize the policies and embody the values of the People’s Party,” said Candidates Director Zeynab Day, who has helped train and support dozens of candidates, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Cori Bush. “We’re giving a real voice and choice to voters across the country. We’re fighting for a new kind of representation that will put the people before corporate interests, lobbyists and political games.”

Together with volunteers and more than 150,000 members nationwide, candidates will fight for a transformative new social contract that guarantees healthcare, housing, food, a good-paying job, a basic income, a college education, expanded Social Security, strong unions, and a livable climate for every American. They will also fight to guarantee freedom from war, militarized police, mass incarceration, monopolies and trusts, and corporate money in politics.

“We’re looking for candidates with a history of activism, organizing, and service to their communities. People who have lived the profound injustices the corporate parties have imposed on this country,” said National Coordinator Nick Brana, the former national political outreach coordinator with Bernie 2016 and electoral manager with Our Revolution.

The candidates will upend their lives to serve their communities and the People’s Party will honor that sacrifice by investing meaningfully in those who step up. Far from merely endorsing candidates, the party will devote months to train them in everything from how to build strong campaigns, mobilize volunteers, reach as many voters as possible, and run effective small-dollar grassroots funded races. The party will help create the infrastructure of their campaigns, including building teams of talented staff and volunteers. We intend to win.

For their part, candidates will commit to remaining accountable to the People’s Party, its members, and the movements that elected them to office. Keeping elected officials accountable to movements has emerged as a major challenge for progressive organizations attempting to reform the Democratic Party, where politicians face innumerable structural forces that moderate their policies and the degree to which they are willing to confront corporate party leadership.

While the party is focused on electing a slate of federal candidates, nominations are also open for state and local candidates. Following candidate vetting, selection, and training, the first candidates will be announced by early summer. They will be running at a time when two out of every three Americans wants a major new party, an all time high. Candidates will be running on overwhelmingly popular policies such as Medicare for all, monthly stimulus checks, and abolishing the legalized corruption of corporate money in politics.

Generations of Democratic and Republican party rule have left American workers on starvation wages, union membership decimated, students drowning in debt, seniors rationing medication, people of color facing a militarized police, service members deployed to endless wars, and young people fearing for their futures amid the raging fires and rising seas of the climate crisis. Millions are unable to cover health care, housing, and food in the richest country on Earth — conditions that have been magnified by the pandemic and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Conditions that corporations and billionaires have been allowed to exploit to amass unparalleled fortunes amid an ocean of hardship.

The People’s Party has officially registered state parties and is pursuing ballot access in California, Colorado, Ohio, Maine and Oregon, with organizers working on dozens of other states. The party will have its national founding convention in the fall of this year.