The People’s Party Registers in Oregon

April 26, 2021


Carol Ehrle | Press Secretary | | (248) 808-4200
Press Team |

Salem, Oregon — The People’s Party has officially registered as a new political party in the state of Oregon. To get on the ballot, organizers will gather signatures equal to at least 1.5 percent of the total votes cast for governor in the last election, or some 28,000 signatures.

They have until March 2023 to gather the requisite signatures along with a cushion of several thousand more. Organizers plan to gather them well before that date in order to nominate candidates in the 2022 election. Oregon joins the states of California, Colorado, Maine, and Ohio in officially registering as a party and moving to ballot access. Organizers in states across the country are working on party formation and preparing to run candidates.

The Oregon People’s Party will look to its roots in the 1890s as a populist party for inspiration. Then, as now, Wall Street’s control over its major industries created a rural and urban divide that is leaving rural communities in harsh poverty. The Oregon People’s Party is looking to bridge that gap by including people from rural areas in its organizing and leadership committees.

“Oregonians have suffered through a lot of manipulations from Wall Street and its two political parties,” said Ivan DelSol, Oregon state coordinator and a petitioner for the state party. “The game is to get us fighting each other so that they can cash in on our resources. They couldn’t care less about our livelihoods or if they wreck our beautiful state.”

Rebecca McClaskey, hub coordinator and the chief agent on the ballot access petition, said the People’s Party is needed to defeat the corruption that has left residents with stagnant wages and a cost of living that is “killing us.”

McClaskey further points to how the warming of the Pacific Ocean is damaging Oregon’s delicate and diverse ecosystems and wildlife. “Wall Street investors not only threaten our stolen forest plantations, but have little care for the people who have made the care of those forests their life.”

Gallup polls show a record two out of every three Americans now wants a major new party and an overwhelming majority want corporate money out of politics. The People’s Party is answering that call. It rejects all corporate donations and is fully funded by working people instead.

The People’s Party is organizing for ballot access in all 50 states and will hold its national founding convention in the fall of this year. It will run a slate of about a dozen candidates for Congress in 2022, and possibly a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The party will run a presidential candidate and at all levels in 2024. It opened community nominations for its first generation of candidates this month. Learn more about the Oregon People’s Party and the People’s Party nationally.

The day before the Oregon People’s Party was set to announce its registration earlier this month, it was struck by the tragic loss of State Coordinator Christian Avana, who passed away in an accident on April 4. “We are going to finally put caps on campaign donations and fight against the Wall Street timber propaganda to take back the bounty stolen from us,” said Avana. “Let’s band together as a rural and urban working class to finish what we started.”

Avana was one of the state’s more than 16,000 unhoused residents. The Oregon People’s Party is organizing for a cause that meant a great deal to him in his memory, the Right to Rest for the unhoused.