The People’s Party has officially registered in Oregon!

The timber-rich state is plundered on an industrial scale by Wall Street corporations, leaving rural communities impoverished in the east. Meanwhile, staggering rents have forced thousands of unhoused people into the streets in the cities to the west.

The People’s Party will end those injustices. Our representatives will guarantee EVERY American housing, food, a good-paying job, a basic income, a college education, expanded social security, strong unions, and a livable climate. We will guarantee freedom from militarized police, mass incarceration, war, and monopolies and trusts.

If you live in Oregon, we need your help. We’ll be canvassing for ballot access signatures equal to at least 1.5 percent of the total votes cast for governor in the last election, or some 28,000 signatures plus a cushion of several thousand more. That will allow us to run candidates in the midterms. If you’re in Oregon, join our state kickoff call next Monday at 7:30 pm PT.

If you’re not in Oregon, local organizers need your support getting canvassing materials. Please click here to make a contribution towards printing petitions, distributing clipboards, and the many other expenses that go into organizing a major new party.

The Oregon People’s Party joins California, Colorado, Maine, and Ohio in officially gaining party status. Congratulations to everyone in Oregon whose hard work has made this day possible.