The Florida People’s Party announces ballot access, begins voter registration drive

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The Florida People’s Party announces ballot access, begins voter registration drive

Florida, October 6, 2021 — Florida is the first state party to achieve ballot access and official party status with the People’s Party. The People’s Party is currently working to achieve ballot access in every state across the country, noting Florida as a milestone toward a major new party free of corporate money. 

Voters in Florida can now register to cast their vote as a Florida People’s Party registered voter. State Chair Victor Nieto noted that the Florida People’s Party will be ramping up efforts toward voter registration drives and future candidates in the Sunshine State. 

“I am extremely happy that the People’s Party has achieved ballot access in Florida. The efforts of what is now the Florida People’s Party, and the National People’s Party, in getting this done have been monumental.” 

“Florida is the third most populous state in the Union. Our voters will now have a choice to vote for a party that represents the interests of the people and not those of the billionaire rulers of this country. They are now able to be a People’s Party registered voter. The time for a change is now,” Nieto said.

Florida state party members said they are working to register voters, organize actions and build up support for future candidates. Voters can update their registration and join the Florida People’s Party online or text “Vote” to 833-577-1575. 

Florida People’s Party state leaders spoke on the People’s Party National Call on Thursday last week to discuss organizing in the state. 

“The People’s Party is dedicated to being a corporate-free challenge to the duopoly. The Florida People’s Party champions the issues that matter to the people of this state and country. We are asking fellow Floridians to join us and be a part of history,” said Florida Vice Chair, Carolyn Wolfe.

A nationwide shift in voter registration has occurred over the last decade with tens of millions fleeing the Democratic and Republican parties to file as independent or unaffiliated. The latest Gallup polls show an increase of Americans who consider themselves independent, with numbers as high as 50 percent of individuals polled in January and February of this year. Another recent Gallup poll showed that a record number of Americans, two out of every three, want a major new party. 

In Florida nearly a third of voters are not registered as Democrat or Republican, with nearly 3.8 million voters registered as non-party affiliated according to the Florida Division of Elections

“Voters who are disenfranchised by the two-party political system now have a place to go,” said Elise Mysels, Florida People’s Party Secretary.

People Party leaders remarked that the changes in voter registration and sentiment showcase major shifts in the public’s confidence in the ability of the Democratic and Republican parties to represent them. Highlighting that changes such as these could earmark a new era of candidates gaining momentum outside of the corporate parties.  

“Floridians will soon be able to vote for corporate-free candidates who will fight for health care, housing, good-paying jobs, and college as human rights,” said People’s Party National Chair, Nick Brana. “This is the first state of many in a national movement to raise the floor in this country.”