Today is the day we rally for a People’s Stimulus

Today is the big day! We haven’t even hit the streets yet and already members of Congress are contacting us and offering meetings and things to call off the action. To which we’ve responded, “We’ll call off the action when you support the #PeoplesStimulus!”

This is all hands on deck for the day. In a few hours, working people across this country will march and lead honking car parades to the homes of their members of Congress and Senators. And they need you to be there with them.

Simultaneous national marches to members of Congress’ homes makes the Rally for a People’s Stimulus an unprecedented and historic action. We have forty marches and rallies today. Click on the map to find your event and head to the nearest action.

Action start times range from 10 am to 5 pm. Click on the pin in your area to find the local start time and address and sign up.

If there isn’t an action near you, we need your help with digital organizing throughout the day.

First, record a 90-second video of yourself on our Soapboxx platform talking about why our demands are so personal to you. Then post it to social media with #PeoplesStimulus so we can find and share it. Speak from the heart for these. Emotional impact is more important than sharing facts.

Second, add your name to our letter to Congress demanding a People’s Stimulus then click send to deliver it. The letter-writing campaign is courtesy of our allies at the Income Movement

Third, people at the actions will be posting photos and videos on social media with #PeoplesStimulus. Those of us at home will be sharing their posts and the action in general. Join our Slack to coordinate with the social media and action teams in the #July-11-action channel. You can also share my interview with Jimmy Dore.

If you’ll be at a local action, here are some best practices and things to keep in mind.

  1. Make a rally sign before going to the action
  2. Print rally placards or a banner from our Arts Group if you can
  3. Bring a bullhorn, drums, instruments, a boombox and music, and noisemakers if you have any
  4. Arrive early so that the march or honking car parade doesn’t leave the meeting spot without you
  5. Greet and ask everyone to fill out a sign-up form if you’re organizing
  6. State the purpose and schedule of the action before starting the march or car caravan. Affirm to everyone that protests will be nonviolent, observe social distancing, and require masks
  7. Discuss roles for the action with fellow attendees (list on page six)
  8. Use our chant guide and add your own
  9. Take lots of photos and run a livestream throughout the event, post them to social media with #PeoplesStimulus, and send the best ones to
  10. When you arrive at your member of Congress house do some chants to arrive with a bang, then go into speakers, then knock on their door and call your member of Congress to join you outside and hear emotional stories from their constituents, then deliver the demands to them in person and ask them to commit to including them in the coronavirus stimulus bill this month:
    1. If they say yes, ask them to issue a written statement publicizing their support for the People’s Stimulus, co-sponsor the corresponding bills, and get their colleagues to support it too
    2. If they say no, ask them why you and your family don’t deserve to live a secure and dignified life?
  11. Announce to the member of Congress that we’re coming back on July 18th with more people unless they commit
  12. Talk about what July 18th can look like and how you can all bring more people and groups, and who will do what kind of outreach. Set a date for a follow-up Zoom call in the next couple of days and make sure you have contact info on your sign up sheet. Invite new folks to join Slack so we can communicate there
  13. Celebrate the action! 
  14. Our press release is a great source of talking points
  15. Refer to our Local Organizer Guide for many more tips

Expanded unemployment benefits and moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures are expiring at the end of July. We are less than three weeks away from 45 million people losing their unemployment lifelines and 23 million people facing eviction into a pandemic. Our unprecedented actions today will show Congress that if they don’t want all of those people showing up at their homes with us, they had better pass a #PeoplesStimulus.

Be sure to photograph and livestream everything to social media. People are inspired to action by seeing others take a bold stand, especially when it’s just a brave few like Greta Thunberg. Courage is contagious.

Happy People’s Stimulus Day! 

Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party

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