RoseAnn DeMoro, Nina Turner, and John Cusack say it’s time for an independent party

Yesterday working people got some of the most remarkable and thrilling news of the last few years just in time for #MayDay! Bernie 2020 Campaign Co-Chair Sen. Nina Turner, former National Nurses United President RoseAnn DeMoro, and actor and activist John Cusack, all said that it’s time for an independent party!
We also saw former Hillary Clinton and John Kerry advisor, and fierce critic of the establishment, Peter Doau leave the Democratic Party!

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We also saw former Hillary Clinton and John Kerry advisor, and fierce critic of the establishment, Peter Doau leave the Democratic Party!

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These are some of the most principled and eloquent voices for justice in our movement and it’s what we’ve fought for so diligently. A mighty independent political revolution is rising and it will shake this nation to its core. With heroes like them fighting alongside us, you can be sure that we will transform this country.

Which is why we need your support now more than ever to drive this incredible momentum to even greater heights. MPP doesn’t take a dime from corporations and billionaires. Recurring contributions from people like you make everything possible. If you can, please become a Sustaining Donor to our movement with a monthly contribution.

The possibilities are limitless when we free ourselves from the moral and spiritual prison of the corporate parties and take our place alongside the majority of Americans who want a major new party.

If you’ve ever wondered how you were going to afford your medical bills or student debt, this movement is for you. If you’ve ever felt it was wrong for corporations to profit from polluting the planet, this movement is for you. If you’ve ever thought that working people deserve a raise for the first time in 50 years, this movement is for you.

This #MayDay workers with Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, FedEx, Instacart, Target, and other corporations are on strike across the country. They are demanding hazard pay, no-test paid sick leave, better protective equipment, better sanitary procedures, immediate information on infected co-workers, and immediate shut-down of infected locations.

These workers are putting their lives of the line in thankless jobs and unsafe conditions to provide essential services for the rest of us. Now they are calling on all of us to stand with them and boycott these corporations until they agree to protections so basic that other countries consider them human rights.

At the Movement for a People’s Party, we stand firm with our brothers and sisters who are keeping the economy running during the pandemic and we urge everyone to boycott these corporations through the weekend if you can. Share your boycott and stories on social media with these strike graphics.

Millions were also unable to pay their rent last month and their hardship is growing increasingly dire. We are supporting the movement for a #RentStrike and you can too with the resources here. We are also standing with the postmen and women who’s jobs are being threatened by the Republicans and Democrats who have sought to privatize our Postal Service for years. Send Congress an unequivocal message today: “Save the Post Office.”

In solidarity with striking workers across the country, we’re also joining the People’s Power Movement May Day Virtual Town Hall at 8 pm ET today. I’ll be with Amazon strike organizer Chris Smalls, Benjamin Dixon, Sema Hernandez, Shahid Buttar, and other powerful voices for the people. We’ll discuss a #GeneralStrike and the progressive movement’s future. Join the town hall here.

Our movement is on the rise. In the next four years, we will become the largest party in America, we will take Congress and the White House, and we will transform this country for good!

In Solidarity,

Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party

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